• Ghost Hunter Lorraine Warren On the Haunted House She Won’t Revisit

    High Hopes at 112 Ocean Ave. in Amityville, New York (photo by Corbis) and Lorraine Warren (photo by Warner Bros.)

    Lorraine Warren doesn't have to go to the movies to see ghost stories—she lives them.

    Alongside her late husband, demonologist Ed Warren, the clairvoyant investigated some of the most famous and infamous paranormal hauntings around. Her most notable cases have inspired plenty of frightening flicks, including 1979's "The Amityville Horror" (as well as the 2005 remake) and next week's scream-inducer, "The Conjuring."

    At "The Conjuring" press junket in San Francisco, Yahoo! Movies recently had the chance to speak with Lorraine Warren, now 86. We asked Warren how the 1971 case of the Perron family in Harrisville, Rhode Island, which inspired "The Conjuring," compares with the horror that the Lutz family experienced in Amityville, New York back in the mid '70s.

    Warren laughed, as if there is no comparison at all.

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    "Amityville was horrible, honey. It was absolutely horrible," she said. "It followed us right

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  • Paulina GretzkyPaulina Gretzky (Photo: FilmMagic/Splash News)With Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups 2" hitting this weekend, you might be wondering who exactly is that hottie torching the screen in a bikini.

    No, we aren't talking Kevin James.

    Say hello to Paulina Gretzky. And if the name Paulina Gretzky doesn't ring a bell, you clearly don't spend much time looking at pictures of sexy women on the Internet.

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  • Tao Okamoto and Hugh Jackman in 'The Wolverine'Tao Okamoto and Hugh Jackman in 'The Wolverine' (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

    "The Wolverine" is set to claw its way into theaters on July 26, but while Hugh Jackman as the titular mutant is a familiar face (he's been playing him since 2000's "X-Men"), less familiar is the woman playing Mariko Yashida, Wolverine's love interest.

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    Her name is Tao Okamoto, and if it rings any bells, it's because Okamoto's a huge star in the fashion world, especially in her native Japan. You can get a closer look at her in the new "The Wolverine" trailer, but here are 6 things you should know about Tao before catching her in her film debut:

    Tao OkamotoTao Okamoto (Photo: TaoOkamoto.com)1. She's been modeling for over a decade, and has had a huge fashion career.

    Okamoto started modeling in Japan when she was just 14, but her career took off when she moved to Paris in 2006 to pursue fashion more seriously. And boy, did she get her wish: she's walked the runway for brands like Chanel and Ralph Lauren and covered every kind of fashion mag around the

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  • Has Disney Lost Its Movie Magic?

    'John Carter' and 'The Lone Ranger' get dubious Disney distinctions (Photo: Walt Disney Company)

    Following its disappointing opening weekend, "The Lone Ranger" continues to drastically underperform at the box office. It's a bomb that could cost Disney roughly $190 million once the dust settles.

    But the masked man isn't alone in Disney's dunces corner. Last year the epic-sized "John Carter," went $200 million in the red. Add to that 2011's "Mars Needs Moms" and 2010's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" — were both major misses for Disney (see list below). The list of attempts to create gigantic franchise hit machines that died in the cradles with their first film now stretches out a mile long — "Haunted Mansion," "Country Bears," and "Prince of Persia" to name a few.

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  • Jim Carrey Kind-of Apologizes to ‘Assault Rifle Fans’

    Jim Carrey and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Universal Pictures' 'Kick-Ass 2'.

    Jim Carrey is apparently becoming a kinder, gentler proponent of gun control.

    The "Kick-Ass 2" star stirred up quite a controversy two weeks ago when he suddenly turned his back on next month's comic book adaptation due to its portrayal of high school students as ass-kicking vigilantes, a premise he's now uncomfortable with after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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    "I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence," the star announced via Twitter. "My apologies to others involve [sic] with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart."

    Now, Carrey has followed up distancing himself from "Kick-Ass 2" with a somewhat out-of-nowhere apology to "assault rifle fans" for past name-calling. The star released the following pair of tweets yesterday morning:

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  • Johnny Depp as TontoHow many pegs will Johnny Depp fall following his 'Lone Ranger' fail? (Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)
    Burning Question: One word about Johnny Depp's new Lone Ranger movie: Ouch! It totally bombed right? Is this the end of Johnny Depp's reign as king of Hollywood? — Zebra Man, Utah

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  • Critic's Pick: 'The Way, Way Back'

    Liam James in a scene from "The Way Way Back."

    Must-See Movies Beyond the Blockbusters

    If you're first act was writing the Oscar winning screenplay for "The Descendants," looking for an encore can be tough. But writing partners Nat Faxon and Jim Rash leveraged that win and made the leap to directing their own small-budget, bighearted coming of age comedy. "The Way, Way Back" - based on their original screenplay, tells the funny-sad story of Duncan (Liam James), a gangly son of divorce travels with his mother, Pam (Toni Collette), for a summer visit to the sea-side cottage of her new boyfriend, Trent (Steve Carrell).

    When Duncan isn’t skulking, or making fumbling attempts to flirt with the curvy girl-next-door (AnnaSophia Raab), the fourteen-year old commandeers a girlie stingray bike and discovers a dilapidated water park. At the Water Wizz, Duncan lands a job and finds a measure of independence. He also encounters a guru-like screw-up of a father figure in the deadpan park manager Owen (Sam Rockwell).

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  • ‘The Way Way Back’s Sam Rockwell Tells Us Why Chaos Is Fun

    Sam Rockwell in Fox Searchlight's 'The Way, Way Back'.

    While Sam Rockwell may very well be a nice guy in real life, it's nearly impossible to speak with him and not think of "Wild Bill" Wharton, his wickedly evil character from "The Green Mile" (1999), or perhaps his amoral weapons dealer Justin Hammer from "Iron Man 2" (2010). Either way, it's equally nerve-racking.

    But because we're professionals, we took our chances and sat down with Rockwell to discuss his latest film, "The Way, Way Back," a sun-soaked comedy/drama from the Oscar winning writers of "The Descendants," Jim Rash and Nat Faxon, in their directorial debut. (They also wrote the screenplay and play supporting parts.)

    In a bit of a departure from his usual suspects, Rockwell plays Owen, the wild and whacky manager of Water Wizz, a water park that serves as a much-needed getaway for young Duncan (Liam James), an awkward teenager whose single mother (Toni Collete) forces him to spend the summer at a beach house with her skeevy boyfriend (Steve Carell).

    As we sat overlooking the

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  • The American/Gangster/Pie/Dreamz/Psycho/Beauty (Photo: Everett Collection)

    American this, American that – filmmakers sure love to name check the good ole U.S. of A. Is it because every movie title (or let's be real, anything at all) sounds better when you add "American"? ("Canadian Gangster" just doesn't have the same ring to it.)

    In honor of our nation's birthday, we've rounded up almost every film that has "American" in its name. They cover pretty much every topic/story/scenario possible (though we're not sure we want to know what happens in "The American Poop Movie"). There's "American Flyer" and "Flyers," "Dreamer" and "Dreamz," and two different, unrelated movies named "American Gun." Heck, even "Citizen Kane" was originally going to be called "The American" (that title eventually was used for a George Clooney movie nearly 70 years later).

    Without further ado:

    1. "American Angels: Baptism of Blood" (1989)
    2. "American Animal" (2011)
    3. "American Anthem" (1986)
    4. "American Beauty" (1999)
    5. "American Buffalo" (1996)
    6. "American Cousins" (2003)
    7. "American Cowslip" (2009)
    8. "American
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  • Damien Echols and Johnny DeppTattoo besties: Freed prisoner Damien Echols, left, and Johnny Depp (George Pimentel/WireImage)There's no stronger bond than one drawn in ink (unless you change "Winona Forever" to read "Wino Forever," but never mind).

    Johnny Depp, star of this week's "The Lone Ranger," and Damien Echols, one-third of the original West Memphis Three, have shared some time together on the red carpet over the past year to promote "West of Memphis." (The highly acclaimed documentary is about three men, including Echols, who just last August were released from prison after being wrongfully incarcerated for 18 years.)

    It turns out the actor and the former inmate have also shared time in a few tattoo parlors.

    Johnny Depp crow tattooDepp's new crow tattoo was visible during a recent visit to David Letterman (Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic)

    Although he's not officially involved with the documentary, Depp has been a fierce supporter of "West of Memphis" and the legal crusade that finally made free men out of Echols, Jessie Misskelley Jr., and Jason Baldwin, who were accused of the 1993 murders of three eight-year-old boys found next to a creek in the Robin Hood Hills area of West Memphis, Arkansas. Depp and Echols have become close friends and have sealed their bond with a few permanent marks.


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