• Matt Damon and EminemEminem was first choice for 'Elysium' lead role, director admits (Photo: TriStar/Inset- Getty)

    Eminem playing a futuristic anti-hero who takes desperate measures to save himself and restore justice to the world?

    If director Neill Blomkamp had his way, the notorious rapper and "8 Mile" star would have been the leading man in the upcoming sci-fi drama "Elysium," instead of current headliner Matt Damon.

    In a recent interview, Blomkamp, who wrote and directed the low-budget smash "District 9," revealed he originally envisioned his follow-up, "Elysium," as a low-budget project — much like his aforementioned breakthrough hit. He hoped to cast Ninja, a rapper with the South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord, as the protagonist Max De Costa. When Ninja said no to the project, Blomkamp began negotiating with major studios for the movie, and he moved onto another rapper-as-actor for the De Costa role: Eminem.

    In the story, set in the year 2154, Earth is a crowded, chaotic, disease-ridden slum while the wealthy and privileged live in the orbiting city of Elysium. Elysium citizens have access to heath care unavailable to the desperate people below on Earth. When De Costa finds he has cancer, he sets out to invade Elysium and liberate the advanced treatments for himself and those like him.

    Blomkamp discussed the project with the Detroit-born rapper, and according to the director, the artist sometimes known as Slim Shady was interested, but he had one major

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  • Ashton Kutcher, shirtless Steve JobsAshton Kutcher, shirtless Steve Jobs (Photo from Jobsthefilm/Instagram)

    Steve Jobs was a creative visionary, a maverick, a game-changer.

    How do we know these things? He would take his phone calls outside ... with his shirt off!

    The real Steve Jobs did almost everything but spin it 'round like a helicopter — from introducing one of the world's first mass-produced personal computers to revolutionizing the music industry with Apple's iTunes. And Ashton Kutcher shows us he's more than happy to disrobe in the name of accurate historical depiction in "Jobs."

    Watch 15-Second 'Jobs' Trailer:

    A film about technological firsts, it now claims one of its own — being the first trailer to debut on Instagram. The very first image in the special fifteen-second preview shows us a shirtless, clearly frustrated Jobs sitting on the lawn, possibly working on his tan (talk about multitasking!), and talking on the phone, only to slam it down, fall back, and howl.

    Jobs being a shirt-optional kind of

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  • 'Die Hard' Makes Bruce Willis a Megastar: Summer of '88 Revisited

    Bruce Willis in his star-making role in 'Die Hard' (Photo Credit: Everett)

    "Has Bruce Willis Gone Flat?" the headline asked more than 25 years ago.

    It was early 1988. Willis, then 32, was in the midst of what the Hollywood press considered a career crisis: After bursting on the pop-culture scene via "Moonlighting" in 1985, the actor had hawked wine coolers (to great disdain), released a Motown album (to great disdain), and starred in No. 1 movie "Blind Date" (to great disdain).

    Things got worse that spring when "Sunset," a 1920s-set mystery-comedy costarring James Garner, tanked at the box office. The knives weren't out for Willis; they were being buried right in his solar plexus.

    [What Movie Do You Want Watch? Get the Lowdown on 'Pacific Rim' and 'Grown Ups 2']

    And then he donned a wife-beater, ran over broken glass with his bare feet, and yelled, "Yippee-ki-yay [you-know-the-rest]."

    That did it. That was it. Bruce Willis was a movie star.

    "Die Hard," about a divorced off-duty cop (Willis) who single-handedly defeats a dastardly heist, was released in just 21

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  • Critic’s Pick: ‘The Hunt’

    The Hunt

    Must-See Movies Beyond the Blockbusters

    A kindergartner kisses her teacher on the lips in the school playroom. Taken aback by the unexpected intimacy, the teacher nonetheless sets her straight: little girls do not kiss grown men on the lips. Then a little boy interrupts to initiate a pillow fight. Ashamed, confused, rejected, the little girl disappears: a woman scorned.

    In Thomas Vinterberg’s devastating Danish drama that little pebble tossed in a pond creates big ripples for the small community in which little Klara (Annika Wedderkopp) and her teacher Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) live. For Lucas, this brief moment that reflects the passionate love little girls sometimes harbor for mature men changes his life and his relationship to his tight-knit hamlet forever.

    When the news flows from the child to the headmistress to the parents to the parents of all the children, social services gets involved and interrogates Klara. She knew how to kiss a man, but not how to answer adult questions about

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  • Short skirts, tight sweaters, bright smiles — who doesn't love the American cheerleader? But lest you forget, it's not just ladies who get to shake their stuff on the sidelines.

    Andy Samberg is the latest dude to don a cheer uniform in (and is apparently one of the only highlights of) "Grown Ups 2," a comedy in theaters now, which many critics have deemed, well, boorish.

    [What Movie Do You Want Watch This Weekend? Get the Lowdown on 'Pacific Rim' and 'Grown Ups 2']

    He, along with Lonely Island members Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer and former SNL castmates Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Will Forte, and Paul Brittain, get wet and soapy and all up in Kevin James's face, much to his horror.

    "Your car is filthy!" That, as he's waving his booty right under James's nose.

    One critic wrote: "The cameos from Shaq, Steve Austin, and Andy Samberg with SNL cast members were my favorite moments of the film and that’s probably because I got a break from the main characters." From another: "Samberg has

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  • This weekend's big releases are director Guillermo Del Toro's long-awaited (for the fanboy community, at least) "Pacific Rim" and the sequel nobody was clamoring for, "Grown Ups 2."

    On the one hand: a visually dazzling genre film that promises high stakes battles between huge monsters and giant robots (which are, as our host points out, way more badass than the ones in "Transformers"). On the other hand: Adam Sandler being made fun of by a lacrosse pinny-wearing Taylor Lautner.

    Our "Weekend Picks" host Nar Williams makes it clear which film he's checking out, but what are you planning on seeing this weekend? Let us know in the poll below. And please, go see a movie!

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  • Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

    So, here's your list: You avoid movies that are blue, literally. (Sorry, "Avatar.") Or look muggy. (No dice, "Body Heat.") Or make Brad Pitt grow his hair out. (Seriously, you will suffer the severed head in "Se7en" before you check out "Troy" or "World War Z.")

    But, wait, it gets worse: You have not watched "Lawrence of Arabia," not even a little bit, because though you approve of Peter O'Toole's hair, it's set in the desert (which, yes, you understand, is the point) and you don't like movies set in the desert, where, should a storm roll in, it'll get muggy.

    Is this ridiculous? Of course, it's ridiculous. But ridiculous, even arbitrary movie deal-breakers, are also real.

    In his takedown of "Identity Thief," a comedy most critics didn't like, Rex Reed distinguished himself by attacking Melissa McCarthy for "being obese," "tractor-sized" and a

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  • 'Pacific Rim' photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

    "To fight monsters, we created monsters" – that's the premise behind "Pacific Rim," the new film from director Guillermo Del Toro ("Pan's Labyrinth," the "Hellboy" series), that opens this Friday. But is "Pacific Rim" going to be a beast of a film – or will it flop upon landing?

    [Related: Guillermo Del Toro Filmography & Biography]

    If you're just listening to critics, there's no way to know: reviews are mixed, as some critics call the film cheesy and soulless while others praise the genre details and intense world building. But who needs critics when you've got high-profile celebrities?

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  • Andrew Garfield as Spiderman and Michael B. Jordan Photo Courtesy of Columbia/Inset: Getty

    By now it's pretty well known that "The Amazing Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield is something of an expert on his superhero alter ego. In fact, the 29-year-old actor feels so secure in his Spidey knowledge that he is now proposing to take the comic character — and his sexuality — in a whole new direction. And he wants "Fruitvale Station" star Michael B. Jordan to partake in his new vision. 

    Garfield has been a Spider-fan since he was a kid ... and perhaps now even more of one as an adult, as he surprised San Diego Comic-Con attendees in 2011 by showing up to ask a "fan question" of the "Spider-Man" panel wearing a makeshift Spidey costume that was about one step up from Underoos.

    [Related: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Spoiler Alert: Is Emma Stone's Costume a Dead Giveaway?]

    Garfield is so aware of the intricacies of the complicated "Spider-Man" mythology that he feels confident proposing a big change in Peter Parker's private life: a complete and total sexual makeover for ol' webhead — and

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  • Ghost Hunter Lorraine Warren On the Haunted House She Won’t Revisit

    High Hopes at 112 Ocean Ave. in Amityville, New York (photo by Corbis) and Lorraine Warren (photo by Warner Bros.)

    Lorraine Warren doesn't have to go to the movies to see ghost stories—she lives them.

    Alongside her late husband, demonologist Ed Warren, the clairvoyant investigated some of the most famous and infamous paranormal hauntings around. Her most notable cases have inspired plenty of frightening flicks, including 1979's "The Amityville Horror" (as well as the 2005 remake) and next week's scream-inducer, "The Conjuring."

    At "The Conjuring" press junket in San Francisco, Yahoo! Movies recently had the chance to speak with Lorraine Warren, now 86. We asked Warren how the 1971 case of the Perron family in Harrisville, Rhode Island, which inspired "The Conjuring," compares with the horror that the Lutz family experienced in Amityville, New York back in the mid '70s.

    Warren laughed, as if there is no comparison at all.

    [Related: ‘My Amityville Horror’ Explores the House From Hell With a Former Resident]

    "Amityville was horrible, honey. It was absolutely horrible," she said. "It followed us right

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