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  • Owen Wilson (L) & Vince Vaughn at 20th Century Fox's 'The Internship' premiere. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

    Everyone's had that horrible job in his or her lifetime, and most people have been fired at least once.

    But when you're Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn – co-stars of the upcoming big screen comedy "The Internship" – getting fired is most definitely going to involve a comedy of errors.

    In "The Internship," the two real-life friends play adults who take on gigs as interns at Google, a situation in which, of course, hilarity ensues.

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    So, where better to catch up with them then at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California? It's exactly where "omg! Insider's" Christina McLarty headed

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  • Jaden Smith and Will Smith in 'After Earth'Jaden Smith and Will Smith in 'After Earth' (Photo: Columbia Pictures)Burning Question: Now that "After Earth" has bombed, is Will Smith's career far behind? — Yadda Yadda Pete

    Now, now. "After Earth" may feature vicious attack animals who have about as much love for Smith's latest work as critics do. And, no, "After Earth" did not supernova at the box office this weekend. It brought in just over $27.5 million domestically, which sounds like a lot of money, until you realize that "Fast & Furious 6" is on its second weekend and earned more than $35 million in the same period.

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  • Andrea Riseborough in ATO Pictures's 'Shadow Dancer'

    She’s already played some famous women — Margaret Thatcher and Wallis Simpson among them, the latter in Madonna’s “W.E.” — but British-born actress Andrea Riseborough has remained, Stateside at least, something of an unknown. After stealing scenes from Tom Cruise in this spring’s “Oblivion,” however, that will remain difficult.

    Her latest film is director James Marsh’s “Shadow Dancer,” based upon Tom Bradby’s novel. In it, Riseborough plays Collette McVeigh, a single mother in 1990s Belfast who, after getting nabbed in an aborted IRA bomb plot, is given a choice by a steely MI5 officer (Clive Owen): lose everything and go to prison for 25 years, or spy and provide information on her hardliner brothers and other IRA members.

    Recently, Riseborough spoke one-on-one with Yahoo! Movies about "Shadow Dancer," her curious past in avant-garde music, what she enjoys about life in “terrifyingly Republican” Idaho, and what’s next professionally.

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  • Jesse Eisenberg Junket Interview: Is He Mean or Just Awkward?

    Jesse Eisenberg at the 'Now You See Me' premiere in Toronto, Canada. Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage

    Ah, the celebrity interview. Such a tricky beast for so many entertainment journalists.

    How do you manage to get an over-tired performer to open up, go off script, and give you an original sound bite when he or she has likely been asked the same questions for hours, sometimes days on end?

    Perhaps you try a playful and fun angle, like Univision host Romina Puga did during a recent press junket interview with actor Jesse Eisenberg, star of last weekend’s surprise No. 2 box office finisher “Now You See Me”? Or perhaps you don't, considering how harshly Puga’s tactic was rebuffed.

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  • 20th Century Fox's 'Star Wars'

    "I dunno, I can imagine quite a bit," says Han Solo to Luke Skywalker when speculating on how much of a reward he could receive for rescuing Princess Leia from the clutches of the Empire. But we doubt the dashing smuggler ever imagined that he'd one day be one of the stars of the be-all, end-all champion of Summer Movies.

    At least where the Yahoo! Movies Summer Movie Showdown is concerned, as "Star Wars" light-sabered "The Dark Knight" in the final round, proving that the saga of a young farm boy who becomes an intergalactic hero is perhaps a bit closer to the hearts of audiences than the tale of a billionaire playboy who moonlights as a masked vigilante.

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  • Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, photo courtesy of Getty Images.Brad Pitt wants to you to know one thing about "World War Z" – it's the ultimate summer thrill ride.

    Forget all those stories about production problems, swollen budgets, and massive reshoots. Now that the movie is completed and ready to open, Brad Pitt was busy turning on his movie star charm (with Angelina Jolie at his side, in her first public appearance since her double mastectomy) as he arrived for the world premiere of "World War Z" in London today. As he greeted the media and throngs of fans, Pitt (who also produced) was full of confidence and excitement about the movie.

    "It's been a long time coming," Pitt said, sporting a stylish black suit with an open collared shirt, aviator shades, and blonde hair almost to his shoulders. "We got this thing together – it's biiiiiig, it's good summer fun, so we're really happy to unleash it here."

    When asked what prompted him to make a film out of Max Brooks' novel of a global zombie takeover, Pitt's immediate response was a good humored, "You got me, man! I don't know, but it works!" After a beat, he took a more serious tone as he talked about the material.

    "It was kind of a genre-bender in the sense it approached it like a world pandemic and how would you survive if we woke up this morning and everything we concerned our day with was rendered useless," Pitt said. "And how we protect our families, and what happens then? And what countries are actually in better condition to survive it and what aren't. We started from there – it's a really interesting book."

    Pitt also talked about the grand scale of the movie – "We had one thousand extras in one shot!" he said, half incredulous and half bragging – and revealed that Glasgow in Scotland stood in for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the movie. "That's right, Glasgow is Philly," Pitt said. "It looks great! It looks the business."

    Much of "World War Z" was shot in the United Kingdom, and while speaking to the press in London, Pitt had nothing but praise for the experience. "[The UK has] got a real great international vibe,

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  • Clive Owen: Chasing Down the Thrills in ‘Shadow Dancer’

    Clive Owen in Magnolia Pictures' 'Shadow Dancer'

    What thrills “Shadow Dancer” star Clive Owen? It’s not skydiving.

    Clive Owen is on a bit of a thrill ride. His Brooklyn set crime thriller “Blood Ties” opposite Mila Kunis competed at Cannes last week. Then this week the news hit that he dragged director Steven Soderbergh out of “retirement” for an upcoming Cinemax series, “The Knick.” And now Owen’s Northern Ireland set thriller, “Shadow Dancer,” opens theatrically today.

    Owen, 48, plays an MI5 agent charged with running a former IRA activist turned informant (Andrea Riseborough) in the 1990’s. Of the British actor’s performance in this “gripping thriller,” THR critic David Rooney said, “Owen is at his best in these coolly intelligent man-of-integrity roles.” So true!

    A thrill a minute – but within reason

    “The thing about ‘Shadow Dancer’ for me,” Owen told Yahoo! Movies, “is that it has thriller elements but first and foremost it’s a human drama. It has a very strong opening sequence about enlisting this girl [to inform on her radical

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  • Critic’s Pick: ‘The East’

    Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling in Fox Searchlight's 'The East'

    Must-See Movies Beyond the Blockbusters

    While thrillers return again and again to the same well of foreigners, zombies and sociopaths to find their villains, so far the eco-terrorists of the world have gotten off scott free in Hollywood movies.

    The East” shrewdly redresses that gap. While raising moral questions about corporate malfeasance (cue shots of pretty sea birds drenched in oil),it dives straight into the ethics of vigilante justice and finds that killing in cold blood is still killing, however noble the cause or clever the execution.

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  • ‘World War Z’ Red Carpet Premiere Direct From London

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit the red carpet for the global premiere of his epic thriller "World War Z" in London, and you can watch the whole thing again in this full rebroadcast of the event.


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