Cory Monteith News Pop: Cory Monteith: "He Was Super Committed to Getting 

Cory Monteith News Pop: Cory Monteith: "He Was Super Committed to Getting Sober"
Cory Monteith may have had fame and fortune, but the one thing the Glee star craved was a life free of drugs. Friends are left wondering for now if drugs played a role in the actors death in a Vancouver hotel room over the weekend. "He was super committed to getting sober," a source told E! News. "He would say this was his last chance." Glee production was scheduled to resume in two weeks, at the end of July, and Monteith's character Finn Hudson was expected to return at the beginning of season five, set to air this fall. Now, given the extremely difficult and complex issues surrounding Monteith's death, it is not known when the writers will have new scripts completed, and perhaps more importantly, when the cast and producers will feel it is appropriate to return to work Adam Shankman, who guest directed episodes of Glee, had apparently just recently spoke with Cory not long before his death, and according to him,it all seemed great with the actor: "I had several interactions with him where he said that he was doing amazing. He even said I am feeling fantastic ? I'm like everybody else, really devastated and confused by what happened."
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