Cory Monteith News Pop: Cory Monteith Reportedly Had Plans To Move Into 

Cory Monteith News Pop: Cory Monteith Reportedly Had Plans To Move Into Lea Michele's House After His Vancouver Trip
It keeps sounding more and more like Cory Monteith was in a wonderful place before his sudden death in Vancouver , and this latest news is just adding to the tragedy.Not only was he happily dating Lea Michele at the time of his passing, but it seems they were about to take the next big step. They might not have been discussing getting engaged just yet, but they were apparently going to officially move him into her El Lay house! It's getting harder and harder to believe Cory Monteith has passed away, especially considering how well things seemed to be going for him during the days leading up to his death. And now one of his mentors, Maureen Webb, has spoken out about their dinner at East of Main which they had just TWO days before he was found dead at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. From what the co-founder of the charity Project Limelight Society says, Cory was more alive than ever during the meeting. In fact, the Glee star spoke with Maureen about becoming more involved in her charity for children that he had supported since it started in 2011. The entertainment world continues to mourn the loss of Cory Monteith, who died Saturday at the age of 31. Monteith skyrocketed to fame with his portrayal of Finn Hudson on Fox's smash hit Glee.
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