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  • Erdogan Warns Russia Not To 'Play With Fire'

    ISTANBUL, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan warned Russia not to "play with fire" on Friday, but added he did not want to harm relations with Moscow, comments that look more likely to inflame than quell the dispute over a downed Russian bomber this week.Relations between the…

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  • Russia's Premeditated Incursion

    For all of the discussion of the shooting down of a Russian bomber by the Turkish Air Force one important fact seems to have been overlooked. If you study a map of the border region in which the event occurred it seems fairly obvious that Russian military planners realized before they ordered the…

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  • Aaron Rodgers has a Davante Adams problem

    To say Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn’t looked like his old self recently would be accurate, but with one major caveat: The decline in Rodgers’s production has come mostly on passes to wide receiver Davante Adams. Over the last three weeks, when Rodgers throws to Adams, he’s 15-for-35 for…

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    SHOCKING! Aamir Khan And Family To Move Out Of India For Few Days? (15 photos)

    Aamir Khan is facing severe backlash for his “intolerance” comments which he recently made at a media event. From protests to petitions to politicians and celebrities speaking out, the centre of the storm is Aamir’s residence in Mumbai. Yesterday, Aamir was photographed returning to Mumbai from…

  • Packers had players-only meeting, apparently over excessive video games

    On a day made famous by John Madden’s Turducken, a Green Bay defeat to cap the game during which Madden’s favorite player was honored may have been fueled in part by an addiction to Madden’s billion-dollar video game franchise. “They had a little players-only meeting this past couple weeks ago…

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  • Kate Overthrows the Royal Christmas

    Christmas for royal children has been a staid formal affair since the Victorian era, but no longer under the loosening-up influence of Kate Middleton and her mother, Carole.

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  • Animal rights activists storm the field during Lions-Eagles game

    In the final two minutes of the Eagles-Lions game, a couple protesters ran onto the field, immediately after the Lions snapped the ball. For the sake of everyone's safety, the game was on hold while security tried to get them off the field.

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  • Russia has right to military response after jet downing: Naryshkin

    By Radu-Sorin Marinas BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Russia has the right to make a military response after the downing of a Russian warplane earlier this week by NATO member Turkey, lower house speaker Sergei Naryshkin said on Friday. Speaking in an interview with Romanian television station Digi24,…

  • Bodyshamed Mother Inspires Other Women To Proudly Share Pics Of Their Mum Bods

    New mum Mel Rymill was told she must “obviously” want to lose her baby weight by her personal trainer. A mum who was told she must “obviously” want to lose her baby weight, has kick-started a trend of women baring their mum bods on social media. Mel Rymill, from Australia, garnered support after…

  • UFOlogist claims he’s spotted a gigantic Martian rodent in Curisotiy rover footage

    If there is one thing I cannot imagine doing, it’s obsessively combing over footage beamed back to Earth from NASA’s Curiosity rover to search for signs of Martian life, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. However there’s an entire cult of people on the Internet that spend their days doing just…

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  • Texas Tech uses fake kneel down to score game-winning TD (Video)

    Texas Tech looked like it was going to kneel and run out the clock, but it was all part of a master plan.

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    These Celebrity Thanksgiving Feasts Will Make Your Mouth Water (12 photos)

    Yesterday, our favourite stateside stars dined like kings as they celebrated Thanksgiving. And, because they’re celebs, they don’t do things by halves. Expect endless professional-looking pies, exquisite flower arrangements and Pinterest-worthy place settings. Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Tweet…

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  • This snap was so bad, it made Aaron Rodgers yell 'F***!'

    In honor of Thanksgiving, Aaron Rodgers did his best impression of someone dropping a roll on the floor.

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  • Miss Canada lashes out at Beijing after contest snub

    A Canadian beauty queen lashed out at Beijing on Friday, saying she was barred from boarding a flight from Hong Kong to China to compete in a pageant because of her human rights activism. Chinese-born Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old actress crowned Miss World Canada in May, said that China was…

  • Sirens ring out as air strikes hit IS Syria stronghold

    In the Islamic State group's Syrian stronghold of Raqa, sirens ring out whenever a warplane approaches as jihadists flee their posts and vehicles to hide, activists say. A US-led coalition and Russia have stepped up air strikes on the jihadists' de facto Syrian capital since IS claimed to have…

  • Panthers CB says Cowboys should 'get Dez's 70 mil back' after blowout victory

    It was a long day for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. It was a really long day for Dez Bryant. Bryant was targeted eight times against the Panthers, but only managed to haul in two catches for 26 yards.

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    Homeless veteran, beaten by teens on camera in Olney, dies

    Surveillance video shows 51-year-old Robert Barnes being pummeled by teens with a hammer, a piece of wood and punches, after police say a 10-year-old boy told his mother he got into an argument with Barnes.

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