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  • Deadpool Movie Has 100% Positive Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

    Critics can often be unkind to superhero movies. 20th Century Fox's last superhero movie, Fantastic Four, scored only a 9% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.However, early indications are that 20th Century Fox has completely redeemed itself with its latest superhero effort, Deadpool. While there…

  • Review: 'Deadpool' is the world's most violent and vulgar Bugs Bunny cartoon

    Ryan Reynolds finally redeems the character he first played in one of the worst 'X-Men' movies with the fast and filthy 'Deadpool,' a largely successful black comedy that pushes the superhero film to places it's never been before.

  • A Madman Staged A Holdup. Luckily For Them, He’s Madly In Love! #ShortFilm

    This article A Madman Staged A Holdup. Luckily For Them, He’s Madly In Love! appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. This an endearing romantic comedy with an awkward wrestling scene, and a dash of sweet, sweet, innocent love. A cashier and a security guard get tied up (and tongue-tied) by an unexpected…

  • ‘Batman v Superman’: Will Ben Affleck Be the Best Batman Yet?

    Some fans were outraged when Warner Bros. announced that Ben Affleck would be the next big-screen Batman. Here's why the actor could turn out to be the best Batman to date.

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  • The Rock Confirms His Return For Fast & Furious 8, Filming This Year

    Back in May of last year a reporter asked Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson if he was returning for Fast & Furious 8, and he responded, "Of course. Can't go on without Hobbs." While The Rock's response seemed to indicate her was willing to return, there has been no further confirmation from the studio [...]

  • Malaysian filmmaker seeks to rekindle lost pride in national soccer

    By Joseph Sipalan KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 7 (Reuters) - In a country that pays as much attention to England's soccer Premier League as it does to local politics, one film director is seeking to rekindle lost pride in a national game that has languished in the doldrums for four decades. Top-grossing…

  • The Most Perfect Girl In School Isn’t Really Who She Seems #ShortFilm

    This article The Most Perfect Girl In School Isn’t Really Who She Seems appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. Being mean is never harmless. Ning is a popular student who is well-liked and respected by all in school. She’s everyone’s model, the most perfect girl in school. Everyone wants to be her friend.…

  • Directors Guild Awards offer a peek behind the camera

    While the annual Directors Guild of America Awards can herald the eventual Oscar winners in the best director and picture categories, Saturday’s ceremony also offers a telling look at who’s working behind the camera in Hollywood amid the industry’s ongoing discussion about diversity. Women comprise…

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    Red Carpet Flashback! 30 Years of George Clooney (38 photos)

    It’s hard to believe A-list actor, producer and director George Clooney has been gracing the red carpet for over 30 years now. After years toiling in TV, he broke out as the dreamy Dr. Ross on ER , before transitioning to a full-fledged movie star. As his latest film Hail, Caesar! is about to hit…

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  • Google Spotlight Stories Debuts Trailer for ‘On Ice’ Virtual Reality Short

    Google Spotlight Stories has debuted the trailer for its virtual reality animated short, “On Ice.” The film is among the nominees for best animated short at tonight’s 43rd Annie Awards, and is the first-ever virtual reality short to be submitted to the Annies by mobile phone. “On Ice,” which is…

  • George Clooney and Channing Tatum Revel in the Idiocy of their Hail, Caesar! Characters

    George Clooney has been in Hollywood long enough for people to know he's no dummy – but he sure plays great ones in movies for the Coen Brothers. The actor's latest is the dimwitted movie star Baird Whitlock in the showbiz satire Hail, Caesar, opposite a slew of A-listers: Channing Tatum,…

  • What Was Your First Time Like? A Documentary. #ShortFilm

    This article What Was Your First Time Like? A Documentary. appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. Four stories, four memories on a first sexual experience: a party, a systematic break up, peer pressure and abuse, and a renewed sense of life. Raw, intimate, beautifully told. Watch ‘Never Like The First…

  • Friendship Is A Fragile Thing. Can It Survive A Traumatic Blow? #ShortFilm

    This article Friendship Is A Fragile Thing. Can It Survive A Traumatic Blow? appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. His best friend is in a coma because of him. Sven and Gijs were going to grow up to be strong and fearless men. They were the best of friends, more than brothers, and they knew each other as…

  • WATCH: First Look at Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Elle’ Trailer, With Isabelle Huppert (EXCLUSIVE)

    Isabelle Huppert-starrer “Elle,” the French-language debut of Paul Verhoeven (“Total Recall,” “The Black Book”), now has a trailer, to which Variety has had exclusive access. Lead-produced by Said Ben Said’s SBS Productions, a company which has a strong line in films from some of Europe and…

  • 5 Ways ‘The Hateful Eight’ Is Similar to ‘Reservoir Dogs’

    'The Hateful Eight' is Quentin Tarantino's latest achievement, but here are 5 ways in which the film harkens back to his debut feature, 'Reservoir Dogs.'

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  • He Thinks His Kiss Made Her Pregnant.. Now He’s Ready For Fatherhood! #ShortFilm

    This article He Thinks His Kiss Made Her Pregnant.. Now He’s Ready For Fatherhood! appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. It was an accident. Purely an accident. During a physical exercise class, Joshua unintentionally kisses Lili, a female classmate whom he’s admired from afar. Not long after, he sees…