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  • Johnny Depp Admits He Wasn't Always Nice to Leonardo DiCaprio

    Depp, 52, shared stories of working with DiCaprio on 1993's What's Eating Gilbert Grape during the 31st annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival Thursday, where he was presented with the Maltin Modern Master Award for his accomplishments in the film industry. While on stage, Depp…

  • Stars Who Refused Cameos In Original Zoolander ‘Begged’ To Be In Sequel Zoolander No.2

    Zoolander No. 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux revealed that celebrities the movie “couldn’t afford” in the first one pleaded to star in the comedy sequel. The 44-year-old filmmaker – who is married to former Friends star Jennifer Aniston – admitted that when the original film was made in 2001 it was…

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  • Kurt Russell Smashed A Priceless Guitar In 'The Hateful Eight,' And A Museum Is Pissed

    The guitar Kurt Russell smashes in "The Hateful Eight"? It dates back to the 1800s.

  • He Dreams Of Leaving The Philippines For The US. Fate Has Other Plans. #ShortFilm

    This article He Dreams Of Leaving The Philippines For The US. Fate Has Other Plans. appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. He was so ready for the US. Buboy couldn’t wait to get out of the Philippines. He waited almost a decade. And finally his American dream was coming true. He prepared for it in a big…

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    Red Carpet Flashback! 30 Years of George Clooney (38 photos)

    It’s hard to believe A-list actor, producer and director George Clooney has been gracing the red carpet for over 30 years now. After years toiling in TV, he broke out as the dreamy Dr. Ross on ER , before transitioning to a full-fledged movie star. As his latest film Hail, Caesar! is about to hit…

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  • Michael B. Jordan, 'Compton,' Diversity Celebrated at NAACP Image Awards

    It was a total knockout for Michael B. Jordan at the NAACP Image Awards in a ceremony that took several jabs at Hollywood for the lack of racial diversity.

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  • Is a ‘Deadpool’ Sequel Already Underway?

    A 'Deadpool' sequel may already be in the works.

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Set To Break $2 Billion Worldwide

    Walt Disney Pictures chairman Alan Horn hails this as “a historic moment for ‘Star Wars,’ for Lucasfilm, and for Disney, and all of us here are extremely gratified to be a part of this journey with fans around the world who have made ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ such an extraordinary success.

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  • ‘MacGyver’ Movie and TV Reboot: What We Know

    MacGyver is back with a movie reboot and a brand new television show series. Angus MacGyver, from the ’80s TV show, is the secret agent known for making crazy inventions to get himself out of situations using only using objects he finds nearby: a paper clip to defuse a bomb, or maybe just a…

  • FanDuel & DraftKings See Citigroup “Block” Transactions In NY State

    Just two days before Super Bowl, FanDuel and  DraftKings suffered a major blow today as Citigroup announced that they would no longer process financial transactions for the fantasy sports sites in the Empire State. This action by one of the largest banks in the nation comes as the sites are engaged…

  • Steam's streaming video library now includes Naruto

    The release of the movies — based on both the original Naruto and its follow-up Naruto Shippuden — coincided with that of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, which also launched on Steam Feb. 4. This is the first time that a major distributor like Viz Media has partnered with the service,…

  • A Nurse’s True Story: There’s No Emergency Services For Loneliness #ShortFilm

    This article A Nurse’s True Story: There’s No Emergency Services For Loneliness appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. There’s no emergency services for loneliness. Patrick reflects on his time as a young paramedic, the one year he spent in national service as a nurse. Young, fresh and eager to help, he…

  • In the Future, You May Watch the Super Bowl on a Shape-Shifting TV

    Come Sunday, football fans across the U.S. are going to flock to the biggest screen in their house to watch the game of the year unfold. Quite a few may even use the occasion to justify buying as new and even bigger TV set. However, for some consumers, size already isn’t everything. Fast forward a…

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    'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Stars Take You Inside the Marvel Sequel's Set (10 photos)

    We’re entering superhero movie season:  Deadpool hits theaters next week, and will be followed by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  in March. It’s also that special time of year when other heroes assemble at big studios around the world and get working on the next installments of their big screen…

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  • Drew Barrymore: Firestarter

    After three decades in the spotlight, the actress and producer—and now beauty magnate—keeps stoking the flame.​

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  • No Country for Old Men and the Cattle-Gun Myth

    In what is a recurring—and fun—tradition, the Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday has updated her ranking of all 17 of the Coen brothers films to date. (A while back, for the 30th anniversary of their first film, Blood Simple, I went back to rewatch and rank their films one by one.) Hornaday’s…

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  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies review: a very silly, very fun feminist zombie love story

    Where would "Jane Austen, but with zombies" fall on the reboot/remake/reimagining scale that currently rules Hollywood with an iron fist? The last category, I suppose, though Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, opening Friday, also counts in that other Hollywood-favorite category: book adaptation.…