WWE Films Producer Discusses 'Leprechaun' Reboot

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Last year, WWE Films and Lionsgate announced that they would produce a "Leprechaun" reboot starring WWE star Hornswaggle. Little has happened since, but WWE Studios president Michael Luisi recently provided an update and insisted the new take will be darker and more serious than the original films.

In an interview with Crave Online, Luisi discussed how the project came about as a result of his prior connections with Lionsgate, which currently owns the "Leprechaun" franchise. While tossing around ideas for cross-promotion opportunities, Luisi pitched the idea of matching up the property with Hornswoggle.

Luisi then went on to discuss the film, which he says is a "true reboot of the franchise" that will be a "little darker, a little more traditional horror than the Warwick Davis ones that people remember." He also says that the production is aiming to "find a way to please fans of that genre". However, he also says that "this is really being played for scares."

When asked if this Leprechaun will ever make it to space or the hood like his counterpart, Luisi laughed off the notion but also said that it would "depend on how enthusiastic the fan reaction is to the first one that we do."

Speaking of Davis, Luisi did indicate that his involvement is "still an open question" and that there might be room for him to make a cameo. However, since the script is "still in development," he "doesn't know at this point."

Perhaps the biggest question here is if a dark, serious, and scary "Leprechaun" is possible; even back before the series became an obvious joke, it was never considered truly horrific. The notion of a killer leprechaun is inherently silly, but stranger things have happened (for example, WWE Films rebooting the series with Hornswoggle in the first place).

Since the script is still in the works, it seems unlikely that this new "Leprechaun" will see the light of day this year. However, maybe if we're lucky, it'll arrive just in time for St. Patrick's Day 2014.

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