WB Might Want David Goyer for Justice League

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The biggest question surrounding the Justice League movie is its very existence at this point; ever since Warner Brothers discarded Will Beall's script, the project has been vaguely in the works. However, rumors indicate that the studio is still working behind the scenes and has its eye on David Goyer, who may be involved in some capacity.

According to John Campea's sources, the studio is "moving" on the film and may even want Goyer to direct it; in a later tweet, Campea backed off the latter statement and said that Goyer will only be on board as a writer.

Take this with a grain of salt, of course; as Campea himself notes, this should only be taken "as a rumor" and not some sort of "scoop." Considering the amount of information and disinformation surrounding this project, it's not hard to be skeptical about this latest rumor.

However, this one seems pretty plausible; after all, Goyer was involved in the highly successful "Dark Knight" trilogy for the studio, and he wrote the screenplay for "Man of Steel," one of its big tent-poles this summer.

If this rumor does end up being true, it likely bodes well for that Superman reboot; early reports have hinted that Warner Brothers is very high on the film and even expects to win the summer blockbuster season with it. In the event that such a thing happens, it might make Goyer a lock for the screenwriting position on Justice League.

I'm dubious that Warner Brothers would hand the directing reins over to him as well-something tells me that Zack Snyder would be at or near the top of the studio's list if "Man of the Steel" is the smash hit it's expecting it to be.

One thing likely is certain: the fate of the Justice League rests with the success of "Man of Steel." If that film has a massive summer, I would expect Justice League to be back in play for the studio by the end of the year.

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