'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Sequel Already in the Works

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That didn't take long. Just earlier today, it was reported that "Texas Chainsaw" raked in over $10 million on Friday, thus putting it on course for a $20 million opening that would exceed expectations and fire up sequel speculation. The producers at Twisted Pictures have quickly obliged, as Bloody Disgusting has learned that a follow-up is already in the works.

Producer Carl Mazzocone's desire to produce multiple "Texas Chainsaw" films has been no secret, as he revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he pitched as many as six movies to the franchise's rights holders back in 2009. Apparently, he wasn't bluffing, as Bloody Disgusting is also reporting that Twisted Pictures actually negotiated a seven picture deal a few years ago.

Obviously, the company has a thing for seven part series based centered around saw-bladed hardware. To date, their "Saw" franchise has made it to seven entries, and it looks like the studio has found a replacement for Jigsaw for the time being (a crossover feels inevitable, and "Texas Chainsaw" even features a gag hinting as much).

Before "Texas Chainsaw" was released, Mazzocone indicated that he would like to have a sequel in production by this summer and that the survivors from the first film would return. As such, one should expect to see Alexandra Daddario and Dan Yeager back for the sequel, which will presumably pick up where the new film leaves off (this would be a first for the series, as each sequel has ignored the others so far).

Despite the critical drubbing "Texas Chainsaw" is taking, reports of Leatherface and the Sawyer clan's demise were obviously a bit premature if Twisted indeed follows through with a sequel. Not bad for a franchise that was once again left moribund when Platinum Dunes abandoned it after churning out two films.

One also has to wonder if the film's success will signal a new, post-reboot era that could see studios return to the original franchises that were updated during the past decade. "Texas Chainsaw" is a direct sequel to the original 1974 film that ignores those more recent Platinum Dunes efforts, so perhaps we haven't seen the last of Leatherface's horror cohorts in Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, both of whom were also re-imagined in recent years.

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