Sympathy for Lady Vengeance: It's Charlize Theron Out for Revenge!

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Charlize Theron wants to commit murder again.

It's okay to feel sympathy for her, though, because she's just exacting some well-earned revenge. Not talking about "Monster" here but clearly Theron has caught on to what everybody else has known for a long time: she has become a victim of the Curse of the Oscar.

Like Halle Berry, Charlize Theron made the inexplicable choice of going with a comic book movie in which more though and preparation went into the costuming than plot or character as the first big role for which she took advantage of her newly found Oscar cred. And, like Halle Berry, Theron's performances since winning the Oscar have done little more than drawn suspicion that perhaps the members of the Academy were quite premature in providing her access into a club that includes Cher, but not Barbara Stanwyck. And, like Berry, Theron doesn't really have the acting chops to easily overcome some questionable decisions on which roles to take.

Things may get a little personal on the set of the remake of "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance." The title of brilliant entry in Park Chan-wook's revenge trilogy could take on a patina of desperation for Charlize Theron who looks eager to pull off a Hilary Swank by shocking everybody with a second Oscar. And what better way than to go back to the narrative that earned her the first one?

Few fans of "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" could possibly be waiting expectantly for a Hollywood remake. Especially when that remake is to be written and directed by William Monahan. Monahan has already proven once with "The Departed" that he's not up to the job of improving upon an Asian original. Yes, I know, "The Departed" finally brought Martin Scorsese and Oscar as well as an Adapted Screenplay award for Monahan. The only people who think "The Departed" is great filmmaking are those who have never seen "Infernal Affairs."

Things are looking bleak, indeed, for fans of Asian cinema. The outlook may be bleaker for Theron than she realizes. Clearly, Oscar voters are not as a collective entity particularly familiar with the foreign inspiration behind American remakes. So it's not like Theron is competing against a previous performance in her bid to become an Oscar two-timer. On the other hand, unless Monahan rewrites the title role specifically for the purpose of making that double play happen for Theron, she is going to have to gain weight or uglify herself as she did for "Monster."

Which is going to make winning her Oscar at least twice as difficult as it was to win her first.

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