Sundance 2013: Harvey Weinstein Talks Politics, Piracy, Oscars at PGA Breakfast

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Berlin 2013: TWC Strikes Deal for U.S. Rights to 'Blood Sisters: Vampire Academy'

PARK CITY -- Fresh off the presidential inauguration festivities, Harvey Weinstein talked politics, piracy and the Oscar race Monday with PGA president Mark Gordon during a free-wheeling conversation and Q&A at the PGA Producers' Breakfast in Park City.

Weinstein, the PGA's 2013 Milestone Award recipient, arrived in town Sunday night from Washington and was heading back to the nation's capital for the Inaugural Ball. During the talk, the active Democratic supporter opened up about his time inside the Beltway, including attending a bipartisan event about the economy.

"The last time I saw this many Republicans was at my bar mitzvah," he joked. "My father strategically invited them because they were the ones with the money."

As for movie piracy, a subject near and dear to Weinstein, he's looking for President Obama to take up the cause -- something he failed to do during his first term.

"All of these companies are stealing from us," he told the crowd that included producers and Sundance regulars Jason Blum, Albert Berger and William Horberg. "When [MPAA president] Sen. Dodd said, 'We're gonna get these guys,' the president backed off. I don't think he'll back off now. It was an election year, and he had to take pragmatic political stands to survive."

And with the Oscar race in the home stretch, Weinstein talked about the quality of films in the best picture heat, where he has two films competing: Silver Linings Playbook and Django Unchained.

"I think this is the best group of best picture nominees we've had in 20 years," he said, lauding the competition. "I think there was a feeling amongst the studios to just go for it."

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