Seth MacFarlane: More Suitable as Oscar Host when Ripoff Compendium `The Artist' Won Best Picture

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Talk about bad timing! If the Academy Awards absolutely had to hire Seth MacFarlane as host (and clearly some sort of NRA member with an assault weapon must somehow be responsible for this travesty) why do it for the 2013 awards when there may actually be some originally and mystery to the event. Originality and mystery are two things never found in any MacFarlane entity. On the other hand, the 2012 Oscars were practically conceived in their entirety for the peculiarly invisible talents of Mr. MacFarlane.

"The Artist" won the award for Best Picture at the 2012 Academy Awards. Everything about "The Artist" had the stink of MacFarlane about it except for the fact that it was, at times, funny. On the other hand, the plot was cribbed from some of the most famous movies in Hollywood history and an extended segment of the film was so overwrought with the lack of originality that is to be found in Seth MacFarlane's cartoons that even if you didn't recognize the theme to "Vertigo" you had to know somewhere in your ignorant black heart that the music was cribbed from something.

The films that are to be nominated for the 2013 Oscar for Best Picture are clearly going to be an improvement over "The Artist" in terms of originality. Therefore, why follow up a year in which a comedy that was quite literally a reconstitution of things past by choosing as host a guy whose entire career is a sub-standard copy of reconstituted things of past that are so devoid of intelligence that they remind of you of the copied clone of a clone played by Michael Keaton in "Multiplicity."

How sad that those who are aware of Seth MacFarlane's prodigious talent for taking things that were funny twenty years and reforming them into things entirely devoid of humor will likely choose to opt out of the watching the Academy Awards when it there may actually be a bit of surprise and mystery for the first time in decades.

Shame on you Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Is Seth MacFarlane and "The Artist" really your idea of creativity? If so, then get ready for the biggest upset of the year when "The Avengers" beats out movies that were actually good to win Best Picture.

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