'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Obamacare Website

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'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Obamacare Website

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'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Obamacare Website

Saturday Night Live took on Obamacare in its cold open, where Kate McKinnon impersonated Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius addressed the uproar about HealthCare.gov's bumpy launch. She noted millions of Americans had flocked to the site hoping to sign up for Obamacare, but "unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time."

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But she offered a few workarounds, noting the website had links to other useful places, such as Kayak.com, where "you can purchase air tickets to Canada to buy cheaper drugs," and BitTorrent, where one can find healthcare-related movies such as Patch Adams.

If people still had complaints, Sebelius suggested they send a postcard to the government, promising they would receive a response in six-to-eight weeks. She then pulled out some of theitems the government would sent – a grab back of 1990's software including a trial version of the 1995 Encarta Encyclopedia and a CD-Rom for 1,000 hours of AOL.

Sebelius also warned HeatlchCare.gov users not to do a certain thing under any circumstances or they would die, but the screen froze as she attempted to share the crucial information.

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We'll post video as soon as it's made available online, as well as a full recap of the episode, which is being hosted by Edward Norton.

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