Rumor: Jimmy Olsen to Become Jenny Olsen in 'Man of Steel'

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During the course of production on "Man of Steel," most of the familiar Superman roles were cast. However, one of them has been conspicuously absent: Jimmy Olsen, Superman's photographer pal at The Daily Planet. No one has been officially cast in the role, but fan speculation has led many to believe that Jimmy might now be Jenny Olsen, who will be played by Rebecca Buller.

The source of this speculation is two-fold: as Digital Spy points out, Buller is listed as Jenny Olsen on the film's IMDB page. Furthermore, a still from the trailer reveals that Buller is definitely playing a Daily Planet employee (it even looks like she may have a camera around her neck).

Of course, this scant evidence requires a huge jump to this conclusion. For one thing, IMDB content is user generated and has been notoriously unreliable for films in production. Secondly, Buller could be playing any number of Daily Planet employees in the film. It's also worth noting that Buller's role hasn't been confirmed by Warner Brothers either.

As such, it's probably wise to treat this as speculation for the time being, even though WB's silence regarding such a pivotal character does make one wonder.

However, assuming it's true, such a change would represent a rather big shift in the status quo. Ever since the character's introduction in 1938, Jimmy Olsen has been decidedly male. The crew behind "Man of Steel" hasn't hesitated to shake things up a bit, as Lawrence Fishburne will be playing Perry White, a traditionally Caucasian character.

While many fans might balk at such a change, it could lead to some intriguing character dynamics and bring a fresh take to the Superman mythos. Of course, it could just as likely be untrue, so don't be surprised if Warner Brothers or Snyder issue some kind of statement sooner rather than later.

Fans will know for sure on June 14th, when "Man of Steel" flies into theaters.

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