Rumor: Armie Hammer Atop WB's List to Play Batman in Justice League Film

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One of the biggest (if not the biggest) pieces of the Justice League puzzle is Batman; not only is he a pivotal character for the group, but Warner Brothers will certainly want to spin off a new Bat-franchise from the eventual crossover film. As such, the studio needs to strike gold in its casting, and, if the latest rumor is any indication, it's headed back to an old well, as Armie Hammer reportedly tops the list of candidates.

Hammer was previously tapped for the role of Batman the first time Warner Brothers attempted to get a Justice League film off the ground in 2007. George Miller was set to helm the film, which never went into production for a variety of reasons.

The actor recently recalled the experience for MTV and noted just how much of a close call the film was. "We had gotten a long way into pre-production," he said before citing the 2007 writer's strike and the denial of a production tax credit as reasons the film was halted.

Hammer regrets that Justice League never happened since so much work was already done; in fact, it was just "a couple of days away from starting to shoot," and he considers it a "shame" that "nobody got to see all of the work that got put into it." Speaking specifically about playing Batman, Hammer insists that he "loved it" and regrets that he "didn't even get a picture" of himself in the Batsuit.

He may get another shot at donning the cape and cowl, however, as a "very good source" has tipped Moviehole off that he's "back on the radar" for the role. In recent years, Hammer has become a "hot commodity" after starring in "The Social Network," "Mirror Mirror," and the upcoming "Lone Ranger" adaptation.

The source also indicated that Joseph Gordon-Levitt won't be taking up the mantle of the bat, despite the ending of "The Dark Knight Rises." That's hardly a surprise there, as Christopher Nolan has repeatedly insisted that "Rises" would be the final film in his universe.

At the moment, Justice League casting is probably a little ways off; a draft of the script has reportedly been completed by Will Beale, so the studio will need to approve that before moving on to the next stage.

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