Ruben Fleischer Attached to Direct 'Spy Hunter'

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Hollywood has been attempting to get a "Spy Hunter" film to the screen for the better part of a decade. Today, Warner Brothers resurrected the project yet again and attached "Zombieland" director Ruben Fleischer to direct the film.

"Spy Hunter" was originally a hit arcade game; released all the way back in 1983 by Midway, it's still beloved and considered one of the most addictive and entertaining video games ever made by many. Its legacy has inspired a handful of updates, reboots, and sequels in its native medium, but the film adaptation has been a long time coming.

In development as far back as 2004, "Spy Hunter" was originally set up at Universal, who attached John Woo to direct and Dwayne Johnson to star. The screenplay eventually passed through a lot of writers, such as Damian Shannon and Mark Swift ("Freddy vs. Jason ") and Zak Penn ("The Avengers") . Paul W.S. Anderson nearly took over the directing reigns but decided to direct "Death Race" instead.

Eventually, just about everyone except Johnson bailed on the project, and the actor saw the fruits of his labor in the form of "Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run," which was essentially a videogame tie-in with no movie with which to tie-in.

Now, Warner Brothers will give it another try. As recently as two years ago, Chad St. John had written a script, but reports indicate that Fleischer will hire his own writers for the film. Fleischer's most recent effort, "Gangster Squad" recently came under a shroud of controversy when Warner Brothers decided to edit and delay the film in the wake of the Aurora theater shootings.

At the moment, there's no time-table for the release of "Spy Hunter," and, given the project's tumultuous history, it's possible his take may never see the light of day at all.

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