Rosie O' Donnell Returns to 'The View': 'Feels Weird But Good'

The Hollywood Reporter

Rosie O'Donnell returned to The View on Friday, marking her first appearance on the ABC daytime talk show since her contentious season as a panelist from 2006-2007.

O'Donnell walked out after the first opening segment, looking surprised as she walked on the set to cheers from the audience. She then hugged all of the panelists and said, "Hi" to the audience before taking a seat on the couch.

"This feels kind of weird but good weird," she said after sitting down. Barbara Walters said it's good to have her back on the couch and previously said they thought this was the right time to invite the panelist back, with Valentine's Day coming up.

O'Donnell then talked about how she was wearing red for heart awareness and recalled her own experience having a heart attack and shared details about life with her wife Michelle and five kids.

Walters noted that while she disagreed with O'Donnell about some things, she never doubted that she was a good mother.

O'Donnell will also participate in hot topics, but she asked Walters if she really wanted her to be a part of the famously contentious segment.

O'Donnell's tenure on the show was marked by a series of on-air arguments with fellow panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who's since left for Fox News.

Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepherd are the only panelists from O'Donnell's season still on the show, with Joy Behar also having left. Whoopi Goldberg replaced O'Donnell, and the show added Jenny McCarthy this fall. This is Walters' last season on The View.

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