Rewind: Gen. Petraeus Has 'No Dirty Secrets,' Said Biographer Paula Broadwell (Video)

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General David Petraeus officially had "no dirty secrets," according to his biographer Paula Broadwell, whose affair with the CIA director led to his resignation on Friday.

Broadwell promoted her book, "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus," in an  interview on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart in January, and the irony of her remarks may haunt her in the wake of the sudden resignation of the heretofore respected CIA chief.

"Did you feel he dropped his guard with you?" asked Stewart.

"No," said Broadwell, an attractive doctoral student with sculpted arms. "No dirty secrets."

Given the relationship between subject and writer, not such a surprise that Stewart summarized the book as: "Is he awesome? Or incredibly awesome?"

The FBI uncovered the affair while investigating a possible security breach involving Petraeus's emails.

The interview includes a moment that in hindsight seems painful, when Stewart asks Broadwell if Petraeus will run for president.

Broadwell: "He isn't. My husband wants me to say he is, because it'll sell more books."

Stewart: "Integrity is running in the whole family." Watch the video below.

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