Remake of `Carrie' Moved from Prom Season to Halloween Costume Season

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Quick, is Stephen King's story about the telekinetically inclined high school outcast named "Carrie" a prom story or a horror story? Apparently, the producers of the remake that substitutes the extraordinary actress Sissy Spacek with the decidedly prettier Chloe Moretz in the title role view this most bizarre of redemption stories with an eye pointed more toward the blood than the cummerbunds.

Okay, so most schools probably don't hold their proms in March, which was the original release date for the big screen remake of "Carrie." The new October 18, 2013 release date is much closer to Halloween and its horror. Funny thing about October lately: most horror films released during the month lately have been not exactly classic. If the remake of "Carrie" can live up or exceed the original, perhaps it will mark the beginning of new focus on October for scary movies.

The move indicates confidence by the studio. I mean, think about it: can you name the last blockbuster runaway hit of the century that was released in March? Can you recall the title of any movie released in March? What the heck were the makers of "Carrie" thinking in choosing March as a release date? The decision to release "Carrie" during March Madness sent a noxious gas of desperation into the air. It meant "Carrie" was only appealing to those who don't find remarkably inexplicable delight in the sight of pituitary cases making a joke of academia. A March release meant that the telekinetic vengeance of a prettier than normal pariah wasn't interesting enough to combat with summer's caped crusaders, action flicks, dumb-as-dirt romantic comedies and Will Smith's annual battle against aliens.

An October release date for "Carrie" undoes all that and more. Heck, it's the fall awards season. Maybe Chloe Moretz has developed enough as an actor to make you forget Sissy Spacek in a way she failed to make you forget Lina Leandersson's performance in "Let the Right One In."

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