Real Life Storage War Twist Would Make Terrific Foundation for Big Screen Comedy Version of Reality Show

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How long before Reality TV shows are adapted into Reality Movies? If Hollywood executives have the guts or folly to turn "The Smurfs" into a live action hybrid film, then you can bet that eventually Reality TV shows will make the transition to the big screen. It's just a matter of time. When it comes to fodder for a comedy, actual real life has already provided the background foundation for a big screen version of "Storage Wars."

"Storage Wars" is the show that pits sellers of junk and antiques and one very cool collector of the same against each other in a bidding war in which the winner picks up the entirety of whatever flotsam and jetsam is left behind in an unpaid storage locker. The popularity of "Storage Wars" is one that I can personally attest to. After catching a few of the shows (keep in mind I am staunchly opposed to Reality TV show on general principle) I bought the bait and went out on a real storage locker auction to see if it was anything like the real thing. While there I found out that since the launch of "Storage Wars" the number of bidders arriving for actual storage locker bidding has skyrocketed. By sheer coincidence, about two weeks after seeing for myself what this bidness was all about, news broke in my hometown that became a national story for a day or two.

A real life bid on a storage locker wound up with the unnerving discovery of body parts being part of the winning collection. Wait: it gets better. The body parts were stored there by a guy who used to be employed as an associate medical examiner.

Where is the comedy, you ask? Surely, you are associated with black humor. Dark comedy. When it comes to dark humor, what could be better than the storage of body parts? What we have here is the narrative foundation for a Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp playing the latest incarnation of the creepy offbeat coroner. Just recently I wrote an article asking why all the funny offbeat coroners are found on TV instead of on the big screen. And now look what fate has thrown into the mix?

A chance for a talented scribe with a penchant for the darker side of comedy to not only get inspiration from a real life news story, but to be the first to bring Reality TV to the multiplex. Okay, that last part is hardly what moviegoers need or should be subjected to. With Reality TV, at least it's a relatively minimal investment and you can change the channel.

Still, you just know that Reality Movies are coming. And since "Storage Wars" is one of the less egregious examples, why not a "Storage Wars" big screen comedy in which the character based on Jarrod, even better, Barry Weiss, gets unexpectedly involved in a black humorous storyline involving a creepy coroner storing body parts for one reason or another?

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