Questions that Get Tougher with Time: Can You Name Three Comedy Films Released in 2012?

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Quick, name three comedy movies released in 2012. The farther away you are from 2012, the more difficult that request is likely to become.

Even in twilight of 2012, it's not as easy as you thought it would be, huh? Few but the uneducated are going to look back on 2012 as one of the all time great years for movies overall, but when speaking specifically in terms of comedy films, one has to wonder whether the specter of the Mayan prophecy of the end of civilization was just too much for screenwriters to overcome. By the time the fall Oscar-bait season ends, we should be up to scale on memorable dramas, but the future of 2012 comedy looks just as dark as the past.

You know you've lived through a horrifying year for laughter in the theater when one of the biggest comedy hits of the year came from the uniquely unqualified mind of Seth MacFarlane. Only in a 12 month period as depressingly void of memorable comedies as 2012 could the King of Derivative Humor land a movie in the top ten.

When the history of 2012 film is written, it will be written as a hagiography of comedic tropes and subgenres across the board. The Golden Age of Animation which the 21st century has been smacked right up against the reality that even within a Golden Age you are bound to have an off-year. A number of animated comedies were released in 2012 ranging from an original Pixar epic featuring the studio's first heroine to Adam Sandler's latest effort at infusing his brand of humor into the world of cartoons. Stuck in between were a number of next-generation sequels.

You would hope that one of the lessons to be derived from the utter failure of 2012 as of October to produce lasting greatness in the genre of comedy is that stars don't equal yucks. Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Stiller, Julia Robert and Will Smith all made high-profile comedies that at the moment seem less like to stand the test of time than a Mark Wahlberg comedy.

What could more indicative of the embarrassment of the pathetic state of comedy films in 2012 than that statement?

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