Q&A: Foxface Jacqueline Emerson Discusses 'The Hunger Games' Fandom

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Q&A: Foxface Jacqueline Emerson Discusses 'The Hunger Games' Fandom

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"The Hunger Games" poster. 2012-Lionsgate. Used with permission.

Actor Jacqueline Emerson just jumped on the ride of her life. She's portraying Foxface in Lionsgate's upcoming big-screen adaptation of "The Hunger Games." I had a chance to participate in a small, exclusive press junket with the young star when she was in Dallas, Texas, on "The Hunger Games Mall Tour."

How did you go about getting the role of Foxface?

"The Hunger Games" was required reading at my school. Everybody had to read it. I'm normally like, "I don't want to read it." All my friends said, "You've got to read it. It's great." I quickly became hooked. I read the first and the second one. I waited until midnight for the third one. I looked up potential cast videos on YouTube because I loved it so much.

I actually knew [director] Gary Ross's daughter Claudia. Her dad was interviewing kids who had read the book and were fans of it. I went in and did an interview with him. Two weeks later I got a call and he wanted me to come in and read for Foxface. I was completely flipping out that I even had the opportunity to go in and audition. The fact that I got the part is still mind-boggling to me.

What is one of the more surreal moments you've had on this mall tour?

We had a motorcade when we left the mall yesterday. I was like, "This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Tell us what you hope people take away from the film.

I think it's important today for kids to see a strong female lead because there's not a lot of that out in literature, movies, or culture today. I think it's great that Katniss Everdeen is somebody that's not ruled by romance but by love for her family. She goes in to protect them. I think that's something important for girls to see.

Do you feel pressure to succeed because "The Hunger Games" is being compared to the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" franchises?

It's not so much pressure as it is humbling to think that those comparisons are even being made.

You're going to be blogging for the Huffington Post soon. What will you be writing about?

I'm not really sure what I'm going to blog about. I have a blog right now that I blog about society issues and what inspires me and hope will inspire other people. Hopefully [I'll] continue on with that. I'm not sure. I guess we'll get to find out in a couple of weeks when I start.

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