The Muppet Brand in Other Mainstream Movies

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Thanks to Jim Henson, "The Muppets" have invaded Hollywood at many different levels, with no end in sight. In addition to their own films, popular Muppet characters and their signature tunes have been depicted in movies where audiences may least expect them to make an appearance. Based on the variety of their work and popularity, it is clear that Henson's creations are a main staple in the entertainment industry -- especially where films are concerned.

Early scenes in "Rocky III" feature the main character making an appearance on "The Muppet Show." The scene is part of a montage sequence that is intended to show how Rocky became rich and famous after his most recent fight. Since Sylvester Stallone was on a previous episode of "The Muppet Show," Henson recreated the introduction to reference Rocky Balboa's name, allowing "Rocky III" producers to use the clip in their movie.

There is also a reference to the Muppets in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Star Jason Segel plays a brokenhearted man named Peter, who writes a puppet musical based on Dracula. One scene in this movie features a drunk Peter playing a piano in his underwear while singing "The Muppet Show" theme song. It is no surprise that after announcing his adoration of the Jim Henson characters while working on "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" that Segel co-wrote "The Muppets."

The legendary puppet characters have also made individual appearances in Hollywood on their own, adding some novelty to a variety of film productions. Miss Piggy is referenced in the eight-minute short film "Ernest & Bertram," which spoofs "Sesame Street" characters. In the short, Bert tells Ernie that Piggy broke up with him due to allegations in entertainment newspapers about him being homosexual.

Meanwhile, Kermit the Frog attended the world premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," where he conducted interviews with stars of this film, such as Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, on the black carpet.

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