Marvel May Want Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

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Marvel continues to add candidates to its ever-growing short list of actors to take on the role of Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy," and reports also indicate that the studio have considered tapping Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey for other roles in the film.

The latest wave of actors to emerge as candidates for Star-Lord includes Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell, and Cam Gigandet, all of whom have been asked to read for the part. This trio joins Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who has already declined), John Krasinski, Michael Rosenbaum, Jim Sturgess, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Lee Pace, and Eddie Redmayne on Marvel's radar. Has a "short list" ever been longer than this one?

Meanwhile, both Sandler and Carrey's names have emerged as possibilities to star in the film. While Latino Review doesn't specify which roles Marvel has in mind for the comedians, it reports that the studio has taken the steps to inquire about the availability of both for the film.

Latino Review does go on to speculate that the two might be good fits for Rocket Raccoon and Groot, a couple of roles that will likely be brought to life via motion capture and voice-over work (since they're a gun-toting raccoon and a giant tree, respectively).

With James Gunn at the helm, there's little doubt this film will be a little offbeat (and it's an offbeat property to begin with), so Marvel's interest in a couple of comedians isn't all that surprising. It also shows that it isn't thinking small for a film that represents one of the studio's biggest risks yet; "Guardians of the Galaxy" isn't its best-known property, and it looks like Marvel is going to do its best to sell it.

Expect the studio to solidify its casting within the next few months; in a recent interview, Joss Whedon indicated that the film will start shooting at some point this summer to put it on track for its release next August.

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