Mark Hamill Says He's in Talks to Return for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

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With all the rumors surrounding the possible returns of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford for "Star Wars: Episode VII," Entertainment Tonight got the bright idea to get a straight answer from one member of the trio. As it turns out, Hamill reveals there's a kernel of truth to the rumors, as the three are in talks to reprise their famous roles for the upcoming sequel.

Hamill confirmed that the filmmakers have been in discussion with the actors but that they "haven't signed any contracts." He went on to reveal that George Lucas himself initially gauged the trio's interest and assured them that their roles wouldn't be recast if they decided not to return; instead, Luke, Leia, and Han will simply be written out.

At this point, however, the three are still feeling things out. As Hamill noted, they've had plans to meet with screenwriter Michael Arndt and Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy, but the scheduled meetings have been postponed since those two are so busy.

Even though the meetings haven't taken place, Hamill does have some assumptions about how Luke will feature in the new trilogy. He's quick to note that he's only speculating, but he believes the new film will be about the original characters' "offspring" and that Luke Skywalker will now "be sort of in the Obi-Wan range as an influential character."

The actor also has a clear vision for the sequel trilogy's tone, as he wants "to go back to the way it was, in the sense that the [original trilogy] was much more carefree and lighthearted." Hamill also hopes the new films will hark back to the original's more practical approach to effects work.

Calling himself "old school," he called for "the right balance of CGI and practical effects" and summed up his desired approach as "lightened up" and "retro" as far as the film's visual style goes.

Finally, Hamill insisted that he wants to make sure he's not the only one on board for a return, as he not only wants Fisher and Ford back, but also Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels. It's a sentiment I'm sure most fans would share-after all, if this is going to be a true sequel trilogy, it needs to connect to the previous films in some significant way.

What's most interesting here is that Lucas and company apparently have some sort of vision in place if the original three don't return; while it seems unlikely that this will happen given the trio's obvious interest, it might diminish the film's anticipation level for many.

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