New 'Man of Steel' Trailer Connection to Original Film Franchise: The Value of Cast Chemistry

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The new full trailer for this June's "Man of Steel" must have been cobbled together meticulously in order to better what the teaser trailers offered months ago. There arguably couldn't be a more compelling preview for an upcoming movie release other than when "Les Miserables" broke barriers last year providing a near Oscar-worthy extended trailer for TV. And what makes this update on Superman become event-worthy is that they've seemingly reinvented the wheel of the characters in a way that still looks balanced with the original film series.

Just what were those elements that took some of us back to when Christopher Reeve played "Superman?" It wasn't the first half of the trailer by any means. But by the end when we see the interaction of Superman and Lois Lane, it seemed it was back to the witty repartee between Reeve and Margot Kidder.

Lest we forget that the 1970s and '80s "Superman" movie franchise had much of its charm come from the interaction between Superman and Miss Lane. One can even argue that the action scenes were secondary to the chemistry in the ultimate appeal of why Reeve and Kidder became iconic in their roles. The good news is that Amy Adams seems to have found a similar sardonic tone for Lois that Kidder did so memorably 35 years ago.

No one should expect anything less for Amy Adams who charms the house down in any film, no matter how stale the script. What's revelatory is that British actor Henry Cavill seems to have found the right chemistry with Adams. As well, he's covered up his British accent enough where he sounds nearly identical to how Reeve sounded when he spoke.

Even if one scene can't tell us the entirety of what their chemistry will be, that one scene they did show is a winner in capturing the essence of their interactions. It's a shame, though, that they didn't show Cavill as Clark Kent interacting with other cast members. A problem also exists when Kevin Costner (as Jonathan Kent) is heard mostly in voiceover talking profoundly to his son rather than seeing more extensively how that dialogue plays face to face.

The voiceover idea (of Russell Crowe's Jor-El) was utilized in the very first sneak trailer for "Man of Steel" last summer. And while it helps provide a stronger sense of emotion as it did in this trailer, seeing more of the interactions among characters could have helped push the trailer into Superman's stratosphere. Not that most moviegoers don't understand how trailers have to mostly push the action envelope rather than previewing human interactions.

Regardless, what will the chemistry be between Cavill and Laurence Fishburne who plays Perry White? What about seeing some scenes of Antje Traue's Faora battling it out with Superman as seen in some recent still photos? Plus, we didn't see a direct interaction between General Zod and Superman.

With the Christopher Nolan brand of increased villainy, it's clear this Zod is going to be in the same rogue's gallery with Bane and The Joker. That should make the chemistry between Zod and Superman a powerful combination as contrast to the hopeful romantic barbs between the Man of Steel and his future girlfriend at the Daily Planet.

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