Little Moments of Subtle Humor to Look for During the 24 Hour Marathon of `A Christmas Story'

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Little Moments of Subtle Humor to Look for During the 24 Hour Marathon of `A Christmas Story'

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"Fra-gi-lee" It Must be Italian

Everybody has their own favorite moments in "A Christmas Story" and many of them are likely related to the most beloved and famous scenes. The annual 24 hour bacchanalia of Ralphie, Scut Farkas, Flick and the gang allow for the more intensive appreciation of the more subtle moments of humor in this holiday classic.

The Delivery Man

The delivery of the major award that at first seems to be merely a statue but turns out to be a lamp in the shape of a very shape female leg is, of course, one of the most popular sequences of "A Christmas Story." One of the funniest bits to me is the reaction of the delivery man after Ralphie's dad inquires for the second time about the contents of the box. Keep an eye out for this perfect display of exasperation.

The Weird Kid in Line to See Santa

That whole series of events when Ralphie goes to see Santa in his last ditch effort to acquire the Christmas gift of his dreams is one of the highlights of "A Christmas Story." The movie features one of the most memorable Santas ever and two elves that would have made Frodo's nine hour journey to throw away a ring ever so much more bearable. But it's that strange little kid in the aviator cap who really likes "The Wizard of Oz" adds the kind of texture that other films overlook.

The Toilet/Pot Cut

It's a little thing, but it's the kind of moment in a movie I love. Immediately following Ralphie's mercifully early recognition of commercial exploitation of kids by the makers of entertainment, Randy rushes into the bathroom and lifts the lid of the toilet. The quick cut to a pot on the stove filled with something that looks about as disgusting as what might be found inside a toilet bowl is pure brilliance!


Just the recall of Darren McGavin's response to his Oldsmobile blowing a tire on the way home from the Christmas tree lot is enough to make me laugh. The actual sound of McGavin's expressive manner of delivering the offhand line "Dagnabbit..blowout" is enough to have me laughing out loud for the next few minutes.

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