Lionsgate Releases Trailer for 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'

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In January, Lionsgate will release "Texas Chainsaw 3D," the latest entry in the long-running "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" franchise. A recently released trailer has given viewers a glimpse of what to expect, and, if it's any indication, the buzz is back and singing a pretty familiar tune.

Stop me if you've heard this one before (like, say, about 40 years ago): a group of young adults descend upon the backwoods of Texas, only to encounter a chainsaw-wielding maniac with a penchant for wearing human skin.

Okay, so there are a few wrinkles this time out. For one, it's not 1974 anymore; instead, this film is set in modern times, nearly 40 years after the events of the infamous original film. In it, one of the girls (Alexandra Daddario) is actually seeking out the Sawyer house to claim her inheritance. As it turns out, she had a recently-deceased grandmother who bequeathed her the house, so she's brought her buddies along to check it out.

The house isn't empty, of course, as it looks like Leatherface has been shacked up in the house all that time after all. To his credit, it also seems like he's been reading fitness magazines and issues of Good Housekeeping because he looks to be more trim than ever, while the Sawyer house has never been so spic and span.

Whereas it was once lined with animal carcasses and human remains, it now looks to be pretty respectable, at least until Leatherface shows up here to splatter these kids all over the place. He also seems to be rather spry for a guy who is probably pushing 70 at this point assuming he was around his mid-twenties or so in the original).

Though the series was rebooted at one point by Platinum Dunes, "Chainsaw 3D" is going back to the original canon, or whatever semblance there was of one since each sequel seemingly ignored the last. Taken as a direct sequel to the original, "Chainsaw 3D" could be an interesting follow-up, even if the trailer here is a little generic.

In fact, if one didn't know any better, they might assume that it's just another remake of the first one since it looks so familiar. Originally pegged for an October release, the film will now drop on January 4th.

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