Lawrence Kasdan Returning to Pen 'Star Wars' Sequel Trilogy Film

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If you're tired about hearing about "Star Wars: Episode VII," good news: today, we're here to talk about Episodes VIII and IX, as reports indicate that Disney and Lucasfilm have secured writers for the other two sequel trilogy films.

One of them is a familiar name for "Star Wars" fans, as Lawrence Kasdan, who penned both "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" is on board for the sequel trilogy. Kasdan also wrote "Raiders of the Lost Ark" for Lucasfilm, and he later returned to the "Star Wars" universe when he wrote "Shadows of the Empire," a videogame that explored the space between "Empire" and "Jedi."

Joining Kasdan for the sequels will be Simon Kinberg, who was about seven years old when Kasdan was hammering away on the script for "Empire." A relative newcomer to Hollywood, his recent credits include "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," "X-Men: The Last Stand," and "Sherlock Holmes."

Both men will also be producing the three sequel trilogy films. At the moment, it's not known if the duo will write the two films separately or if they'll collaborate on both. Michael Arndt is currently plugging away on Episode VII,but one has to assume that both Kasdan and Kinberg are in the loop.

It's worth noting that neither Disney nor Lucasfilm has confirmed these moves, and official confirmation will appear on the official Star Wars website.

However, assuming the news is true, Kasdan's involvement is especially shrewd; when the studios announced their intentions to produce more "Star Wars," it seemed like a no-brainer that they'd attempt to tap into the goodwill inspired by the original trilogy, and Kasdan can go a little way in securing that.

It's also interesting that Lucasfilm has kicked production into such a high gear; whereas George Lucas preferred to take each film one at a time, it looks like these films will be developed concurrently. Disney's initial announcement indicated that it intends to release these films two years apart (as opposed to the usual three), and it seems like they plan on sticking to that.

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