Latest Star Wars Rumor: 'Knights of the Old Republic' Could Come to the Big Screen

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At this point, it just feels like the various corners of the newly revitalized "Star Wars" universe are jockeying for our attention. One corner features a heavyweight in the form of "Episode VII" and the sequel trilogy, while the other features a more unknown quantity in the various spin-offs and standalone films Lucasfilm is reportedly planning. The latest from the latter corner involves a possible adaptation of popular video game "Knights of the Old Republic."

According to Harry Knowles at Ain't it Cool News, the game's original writer, Drew Karpyshyn, left the video game industry last year in an attempt to transition to Hollywood. As such, he's naturally got himself involved in a rumor that has him possibly penning a screen adaptation of "Knights of the Old Republic," a game that explores the very early history of the Star Wars universe.

AICN doesn't reveal much in the way of sources and even questions if this is just "idle gossip" from Karpshyn's former Bioware co-workers; furthermore, the outlet unsurprisingly has received no sort of confirmation about the rumor, which isn't an indictment of AICN but rather a reminder that nothing is likely to be solid on this front for quite a while.

In fact, Knowles prefaces his article with an acknowledgement that the situation is fluid. At the moment, Lucasfilm is supposedly fielding and bouncing all sorts of ideas around since "there are multiple generations of filmmakers, screenwriters and artists at all levels of film and media production" itching to pitch ideas in the Star Wars universe.

As such, none of the rumored spin-off films have been nailed down, and "Episode VII" is the only project in "hardcore development" and "beyond the treatment stage." Because of this, it's best to take most rumors with a grain of salt until Lucasfilm officially announces which direction the spin-off films will take.

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