Katy Perry dressed to the nines in 'Part of Me' 3D

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Katy Perry Poster Jumbo 2nd

Billed a 3D motion picture event, "Katy Perry: Part of Me" is described as a backstage pass, front row seat, and intimate look at the fun, glamorous, heartbreaking, inspiring, crazy, magical, passionate, and honest mad diary of Katy. But have you seen what she's wearing?

If you're in Southern California, you actually can see her costumes before the movie opens. A few of them are on display at ArcLight theaters. In the Hollywood location, there's a tutu. In the Beach Cities, you can see a silver sequined two-piece. Pasadena's got the dark blue bathing beauty-inspired pinup look. And in Sherman Oaks at the Galleria ArcLight, there's a cute red and white mod dress.

What you'll see, in 3D

Superstar singer Katy Perry lets fans see her go from bare-faced to head-to-toe glam in "Katy Perry: Part of Me." The lady in red, white, andblue has said in numerous interviews that it's important for her to show her fans "You don't have to be perfect to realize your dreams."

And that is why she's willing to get up there on the big screen in high-def and 3D without even a sprinkle of powder. Yep, the superstar may be considered brave for showing herself completely unadorned, sans makeup and sparkly stage costumes, but her fashion-forward fans will take cowardly Katy any day. While she may not be wearing a lion's mane (or is she? It can be hard to tell with all the wiggery going on), Perry conjures the Great and Powerful Oz in one of her more elaborate ensembles.

In another outfit, she's a saucy Alice in Wonderland. She's sweetness personified in a White Stripes-esque peppermint candies motif. She's a nerdy teen in headgear and oversized specs. She's a firework in a bra that literally blasts off. Perry also goes onstage as a peacock and a wedding cake. (And yes, the documentary does touch on her divorce from comedian Russell Brand, who can currently be seen in another costumed concert cinematic confection, "Rock of Ages").

Katy's stylist is a real gem

While Perry is nobody's paper doll, she does have a lot of help from the film's costume supervisor, Topaz Erin Lareau. The Emmy-award winning stylist also designed costumes for "Michael Jackson: This Is It" (she was tasked with "updating the glove," and boy did she!), and has worked with the likes of Elton John and Madonna, as well.

Known for adding her crystal finery to all of her au currant creations, Lareau is no stranger to the strange couture. When it comes to Katy Perry, her cosplay play-suits come to life with moving parts and bling that goes blam in the form of fireworks, spinning pinwheels, and flying feathers.

The quickest way to copy Katy's closet

When she's not onstage, Perry's pinup girl style is her signature. Whether her hair is licorice black or jawbreaker blue, it's usually styled in '40s finger-waves and adorned with tropical flowers. She favors sailor-stripes paired with bold, bright solids paired with power pumps, but can also rock the Hello Kitty bedazzled tee, shorts, and flat gladiator sandals.

If you want to go from rags to retro, the best places to shop are Forever 21 for the outside and Victoria's Secret for what's underneath. The top semi-permanent hair dye can be found through Jerome Russell; pin-up makeup in vivid shades from Sugar Pill; and wedge shoes from Heart Soul will complete your rocker grrrrrl look.

The "Katy Perry: Part of Me" stereoscopic concert movie is set to hit theaters Thursday, July 5.

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