Joss Whedon Discusses 'Avengers 2," Confirms New Characters

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Technically, Marvel's Phase Two is already underway now that "Iron Man 3" has rocketed into theaters in some countries; as such, all eyes are already looking to the phase's culmination in "The Avengers 2," and writer/director Joss Whedon has provided yet another update on the project.

Earlier this month, Whedon confirmed that the sequel will probably begin shooting next February, and he's since revealed that he's actually finished with the first draft of the script. In fact, he's already moved on to the revision process, and he thinks "it's in good shape." However, he's also sure that someone will "eventually explain" to him that it's not and "will pull [him] out of [his] bubble."

Still, things are moving along quite steadily, as Whedon has met with some of the actors and has even started to storyboard. According to Whedon, these "preliminary processes" represent "the part where it's all still fun."

Not content to simply provide an update, Whedon also hinted at the involvement of two new characters in the film. "I've got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from the comic book, a brother-sister act," he said. "They're in the movie."

Marvel fans may immediately assume that Whedon is referring to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, a sibling duo with heavy ties to "The Avengers." Interestingly enough, they're also connected to the "X-Men" universe since they're Magneto's children.

Marvel Studios actually shares the rights to those characters with Fox, who own the rest of the mutants and X-Men characters in the Marvel Universe. Their involvement in "The Avengers 2" could be intriguing on many levels, especially if Whedon slyly attempts to use them as a bridge to other franchises (you may recall that Sony Pictures already had something like this in mind when it tried to squeeze the Oscorp building from "The Amazing Spider-Man" into "The Avengers").

Also, if you think Whedon is feeling any pressure about topping his first film, think again. He claims that he doesn't think about it in those terms but instead tries "to think of it as its own movie." While he does admit that he does feel a little pressure (and that Shane Black hasn't helped since "he really got ["Iron Man 3"] right"), he has so much fun mixing and matching familiar characters that it eventually just "feels like [he's] reading [his favorite] comic.

It's still a long haul until the second "Avengers" film makes it to theaters (it's currently slated for May 2015), but I'd expect Whedon to keep dropping these sort of hints to keep the fanboy crowd speculating.

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