John Williams Wants to Compose for the 'Star Wars' Sequel Trilogy

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Over the weekend, news broke that Harrison Ford will likely return as Han Solo in "Star Wars: Episode VII," and he may be joined by another familiar name in composer John Williams, who hopes to be able to score the upcoming sequel trilogy.

Williams recently discussed his career-spanning work on the series, which has taken on a life of its own to the tune of "Star Wars" symphonies and concerts. While reflecting on this, the composer admitted that neither he nor series creator George Lucas ever "thought it would go this far."

When composing for the original film, he never dreamed that there would be a sequel, much less a chance to "revisit the themes" in the prequel trilogy several years later. He then let it slip that he "needs to make sure [he's] still ready to go in a few years for what [he] hopes will be continued work with [Lucas]."

Of course, Lucas is no longer calling the majority of the shots since he's handed the reigns over the Kathleen Kennedy. While he's still around in a consulting role, one would assume that Kennedy and "Episode VII" director J.J. Abrams.

Abrams's involvement inevitably led many to believe that frequent collaborator Michael Giacchino might come aboard for the film, but it sounds as though Williams would be more than willing to continue his work and perhaps finish what he started.

If nothing else, that's the best argument that Lucasfilm and Disney should give Williams a call: he's arguably defined "Star Wars" just as much as anyone else over the years, and his themes would bring unity to the three trilogies.

While it's obviously much too early to know how this will turn out, it wouldn't be shocking if Disney does the right thing; after all, original poster artist Drew Struzan has revealed that the studio has already contacted him, which seems to indicate that its heart is in the right place.

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