Joel Silver Will Reboot 'Escape from New York' as a Trilogy

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Thought the long-gestating "Escape from New York" reboot was dead? Think again; not only is it back, but it's back with a vengeance, as producer Joel Silver intends to make three films with the property, and the first will be a prequel that details the origins of Snake Plissken.

According to Deadline, Silver Pictures will join forces with Studio Canal in an attempt to get another reboot of this franchise off of the ground. Canal has "entrusted Silver with the rights" to the property, and he has envisioned kicking off a trilogy with an "origin story in a similar fashion that 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' restarted that franchise."

Silver and Studio Canal have recently partnered for a pair of Liam Neeson action films ("Unknown" and "Non-Stop"), which has led some to speculate that Neeson might feature in the new "Escape From New York." While it's not likely that he'll be appearing as Snake given his age (he's roughly the same age as original Snake Kurt Russell), it could be interesting to see if he ends up with some sort of role in the reboot (after all, the original was loaded with high profile actors).

This is the latest in a long line of attempts to reboot "Escape from New York." New Line Cinema started its attempts back in 2007 and proceeded to attach all sorts of talent to it. At various points, Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin, and Timothy Olyphant were rumored to take up the Plissken mantle for numerous different directors, including Len Wiseman and Breck Eisner.

However, New Line recently allowed those rights to lapse, so Silver will give it his own shot. His idea doesn't lack for ambition, but it seems odd that anyone would want to explore the origins of one of cinema's great enigmas in Snake Plissken.

Presumably, that origin story will feed into a proper retread of "Escape from New York" itself, which will find Snake once again charged with entering the post-apocalyptic city to rescue a target; in John Carpenter's original film, it was the U.S. President (a hilariously British Donald Pleasence), while 1996's "Escape from L.A." charged him with the task of rescuing the president's daughter.

With this reboot in the works, it's also presumed that a third "Escape" film that would re-team Russell and Carpenter is officially dead; for years, the director mused about another sequel titled "Escape from Earth," but he's been mum on the subject for quite a while now.

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