Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey McGuire, and Jeff Bridges Eyed for 'Jane Got a Gun'

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The behind-the-scenes saga for "Jane Got a Gun" continues even as the film has finally gone before cameras. Even though production is officially underway, the film's producers and director Gavin O'Connor are scurrying to replace the recently departed Jude Law.

Reports indicate that the team is eyeing Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, and Jeff Bridges to take over Law's role as the film's antagonist. Whoever's tapped will be facing off against Natalie Portman's Jane, a frontier woman who takes matters into her own hands when her outlaw husband comes home riddled with bullets. With the help of an ex-lover (Joel Edgerton), she'll fend off the advances of her husband's former gang.

According to the LA Times, O'Connor is looking to fill out the lead villain role with an actor that has "an international brand who also happens to look good in a hat." The rumored candidates are some intriguing choices, if only because McGuire and Gyllenhaal don't seem like typical villain types.

However, Bridges would arguably be the most inspired choice; after all, there's little doubt he can still fill out a hat pretty well (see: "True Grit"), and it'd be great to see him take on a grizzled, outlaw persona for "Jane Got a Gun." It's worth noting that these three are apparently part of a "slew" of candidates, so we could eventually see someone else altogether come aboard.

Indeed, just about anything seems possible with this film; just a few weeks ago, Michael Fassbender had to drop out due to his X-Men duties, which led to Edgerton sliding over from the villain role to the ex-lover character. Law was then brought aboard to play the film's bad guy but bailed after director Lynn Ramsay didn't show up for filming on Monday.

No official word as emerged explaining that situation, but Deadline has indicated that Ramsay actually terminated her ties to the movie on Saturday, so this may not have been an unexpected no-show after all. One report indicates that the director's issues arose due to a "contract dispute," while another source has said that she was dealing with "some personal issues."

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