J.J. Abrams Expects John Williams to Score 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

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With J.J. Abrams doing the final rounds on his tour of "Star Trek" duty, his next gig, "Star Wars: Episode VII" (you might have heard of it), is slowly but surely coming together behind the scenes. While a whole lot isn't known beyond who's writing (Michael Arndt), directing (Abrams), and consulting (Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg), it seems likely that some familiar faces will return to the franchise, including composer John Williams.

That's what Abrams himself thinks, anyway. While doing press for "Star Trek Into Darkness" in Berlin, he was expectedly asked if he would bring frequent collaborator Michael Giacchino with him when he transitions to the "Star Wars" universe.

He responded by noting that, while Giacchino is an "incredible composer" with whom he's been "lucky enough to work with" for several years, he believes that John Williams will be doing "Episode VII" since "he was there long before [Abrams] was."

Luckily for Abrams, he likely won't even have to ask Williams to come aboard since the composer has been assuming that he'll be around for "Episode VII." Earlier this year, he indicated that he was already gearing up for the sequels so that he could continue his collaboration with George Lucas.

Of course, Lucas himself won't be calling those shots anymore, but it's hard to imagine that producer Kathleen Kennedy and company won't extend the offer to Williams. After all, reports indicate that Lucasfilm and Disney have already reached out to poster artist Drew Struzan to do the designs for the upcoming sequel trilogy.

Furthermore, Abrams has already said that he'll be more than willing to defer to Lucas in certain cases, and one would certainly assume that the Flannelled One would nudge Abrams into Williams's direction if asked.

Tapping Williams to return to the franchise would be a sensible move; after all, if one believes all the rumors surrounding the return of the principal actors from the original trilogy, it seems like we're in for a big "Star Wars" reunion, and that just wouldn't sound the same without Williams's involvement.

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