J.J. Abrams Discusses 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

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J.J. Abrams has spent the last few years of his life dedicated to "Star Trek," but he's about to hit hyperdrive and enter the "Star Wars" galaxy instead (the press circuit for "Star Trek into Darkness" is going to be kind of awkward). Since coming aboard as the director of "Star Wars: Episode VII," Abrams has been a bit mum, but he recently chatted on the subject with Empire.

The conversation mostly centered around his approach to the franchise as a fan, which is something he couldn't claim with "Star Trek." Indeed, Abrams seemed intent on shouting his preference for "Star Wars" from the mountaintops back before his "Trek" reboot debuted in 2009.

While he will be coming at "Star Wars" as a fan, Abrams insists that the process won't be much different. Noting that he "came at these both from very different places," he said that they both "meet a place" that's "really exciting." Despite not being a "Trek" fan, he was able to find a "a version of it that would make [him] excited," so he naturally expects to do the same for "Star Wars."

Describing his passion for the franchise as "indescribable" and "guttural," Abrams went on to muse that he "can identify a hunger for what [he] would want to see again and that is an incredibly exciting place to begin a project." Furthermore, while these two franchises and their "worlds" may be different, they both share "the feeling" that there's "something amazing" about each.

Specifics were much more difficult to come by during the interview, though. In this case, the notoriously secretive director couldn't spill any beans because there supposedly aren't many to be spilled yet. At this point, Abrams claims that "there are infinitely more questions than answers," but he hopes that he'll "have a good answer when [he] knows what the answer is."

Abrams also touched on his initial hesitance to jump from the Enterprise to the Millennium Falcon. At first, he considered himself to be too busy with "Star Trek" to even think about the move, but, as time wore on, he began to entertain the idea. Once he had a fateful meeting with Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy, "that was the beginning."

The director also confirmed that Steven Spielberg was "very encouraging" during the process; in fact, Spielberg "knew all about what was going on," which isn't surprising given his ties to George Lucas and Kennedy.

"Star Trek into Darkness" will debut in theaters in May, at which point Abrams will bid adieu to the Trek universe, at least in a directing capacity. He'll still be around as a producer for a possible third film, which would also debut alongside "Episode VII' in 2015 if this were a perfect world.

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