‘The Hub of Transformers’ Tour Stops in Dallas

Event Promoted Season Finale, Blu-ray/DVD Movie Release, 3D Ride Opening

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"The Hub of Transformers" Tour.

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"The Hub of Transformers" Tour.

Thousands of Dallas-area fans of the "robots in disguise" were thrilled when "The Hub of Transformers" Tour stopped in Arlington, Texas. The tour is hitting major cities across the United States to promote the season finale of "Transformers Prime," the release of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" on Blu-ray/DVD, and the 3D "Transformers: The Ride." Major sponsors of the event are The Hub, Hasbro, Blockbuster, and Paramount.

It would've been impossible for fans of "Transformers" to miss the event if they were driving down Green Oaks Boulevard. There was a giant blow-up tent that had Transformers images and logos on both sides of it set up in the parking lot of the Blockbuster Video. A semi was parked in front of it that had images of characters Optimus Prime and Bumblebee emblazoned across the sides.

At any given time, there were at least 100 people in line to spin the prize wheel, where you could win toys, posters, pens, and keychains. Nobody walked away empty-handed. They were also handing out poster advertisements for "Transformers: The Ride." There was a computer set up where you could go on Facebook and enter to win four free passes to Universal Studios Hollywood when the attraction opens.

Radio Station Mix 102.9 FM was at "The Hub of Transformers" Tour event, playing music and reporting live on-location. The DJs were also doing contests, which included "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" prize packs. The Dish Network booth was giving away KREO Optimus Prime mini-figures as well.

"The Hub of Transformers" had a real Bumblebee car with an Autobot logo on it at the event. People were posing with the vehicle one after the next. I think most of the kids were wondering when it would change into its robot form.

There were all kinds of toy displays inside the blow-up tent, including original action figures that spanned from 1985 to the present. There was an exclusive Optimus Prime action figure that was released at the 2011 San Diego International Comic Con. Attendees could also get their pictures taken standing in the palm of Optimus's robotic hand. Also on display was a metal Sector 7 briefcase encased in glass.

The "Hub" stop in the Dallas area was most definitely a success. The steady stream of fans moving in and out of the event all day never let up. Everyone looked to be having a blast celebrating the season finale of "Transformers Prime," the release of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" on Blu-ray/DVD, and the upcoming opening of "Transformers: The Ride."

You can see pictures of the event right here.

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