Hot Halloween Costumes for Women Based on Movie Characters

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If you want to make quite an impression at the Halloween party this year, one way to do it is to show up in a hot adaptation of a costume inspired by movie characters. If you love movies, Halloween, and dressing up in slinky and seductive outfits, your options are extremely broad these days.


Even in her Disney persona, Tinkerbell sports a certain amount of sex appeal. You can add a little extra dollop of steamy appeal by sporting the Tinkerbell Halloween costume for adults that lights up. When the lights go off, your costume becomes the center of attention and you won't even give Peter Pan a second thought. Green microfiber combines with a wand and wings that also light up. The short skirt will make you the fairest fairy of them all at your Halloween party.

Green Lantern

"The Green Lantern" may have flopped at the box office, but the skintight spandex costume for women certainly won't be a Halloween party flop. The lack of box office appeal is likely to make this costume based on a movie more affordable than those based on box office hits. The Green Lantern jumpsuit comes with a mask and ring, but you could always go the extra mile and pick up an actual "green lantern" as an accessory.

Wizard Wanda

One movie that most definitely did not flop that has inspired a risque Halloween costume is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part II." The short skirt, tie, collar, and cape all resonate with a trip through the halls of Hogwarts if it existed in another universe. You won't even need a magic wand or spells to capture the attention of others attending your Halloween party: Wizard Wanda casts a spell all her own.

Naughty Nemo

Surely one of the oddest Halloween costumes based on a movie character to be adapted for the saucier side of the holiday is the one based on the familiar orange and white stripes of the clownfish at the center of "Finding Nemo." One thing that can be almost guaranteed is you won't be lost if you show up in this flirty little skirty costume accessorized with matching orange and white leg warmers.

Jack Sparrow

Who says only men can dress up as Jack Sparrow for Halloween? Not only can women become the feyest pirate in movie history, but they can be the most alluring pirate at the party. This sexy Halloween costume includes a short skirt and petticoat to ensure it is completely feminine. Add a decorative scar, bandanna, and boot covers to complete the illusion of becoming a Caribbean pirate.

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