Horror Films with Killer Crocodiles and Alligators

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There are few animals in nature quite as frightening or as powerful as the various crocodilians (including and especially the crocodiles and alligators). As a result of their innate physical power and propensity for eating humans, the world of film has been enamored of showing these magnificent animals taking out their rage on hapless human victims. If you're looking for killer crocodiles this Halloween, check out these films.


We start out with this lesser-known film about a giant crocodile that, so the movie poster claims, is the most prolific serial killer in history. What really sets this film apart is the fact that the actual crocodile at the center of the story survives through the entire movie and is shown at the end of the film continuing his reign of terror among the inhabitants of Africa. Filled with the horror staples of blood and guts and a fair amount of frightening moments, this is a crocodile horror film perfect for the Halloween season.


If you've ever heard the urban legend about the alligator being flushed down the toilet, then you have the founding idea of this movie, which shows what happens when the alligator grows up and starts terrorizing the local townspeople.

Of course, lots of death and mayhem ensue and the alligator is destroyed in the end, but the finale falls into the old trap of setting up a sequel. We all know that a new alligator is going to rise to take the place of the old one, but that doesn't make this film any less enjoyable.

"Lake Placid"

If you're going to watch a movie about a killer crocodile, then it should be "Lake Placid." Certainly the star of the show is the crocodile (which devours numerous people throughout the course of the film), but Betty White gives that reptile a run for his money as the sassy widow whose husband was eaten by the giant crocodile and who gives the investigating team the rough side of her tongue when they horn in on her territory. All in all, the film is an intriguing mix of horror and comedy and an excellent way to spend an evening of reptilian fun.

If you're eager to watch a bunch of humans get devoured by feisty crocodilians, then you have plenty of movies to choose from. Although similar in some ways (including the main point of the plot), they are still different enough to be worth a watch.

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