Harrison Ford Will Return as Han Solo in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

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Shortly after Disney announced production on "Star Wars: Episode VII," reports indicated that Harrison Ford would be open to the idea of returning as Han Solo. Now, Latino Review has learned that it's a done deal, as the actor will indeed reprise his most famous role for the upcoming sequel.

In an interview with Fox News Latino, scoopster El Mayimbe revealed that he went to work to dig up the information after readers indicated their desire for new "Star Wars" news. While neither Lucasfilm nor Disney have confirmed this news, El Mayimbe is confident in his sources; it's also worth noting that Latino Review has become one of the web's most trustworthy sites for scoops over the years.

As such, it looks as if "Episode VII" is shaping up to be a true sequel indeed. This news also makes Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher's returns seem all the more inevitable; after all, that duo has already said that George Lucas revealed the plan to produce a sequel trilogy to them last fall before Disney announced its acquisition of Lucasfilm.

While this news is of course a big deal, it still doesn't give much more than a broad clue that Solo will be around in some capacity for at least one of the sequels. Will Solo have a large role in the film or will he and his original cast mates be relegated to the background as they hand over the reigns to a new generation of characters?

Furthermore, might Ford finally get his wish to send Solo out in a blaze of glory? The actor lobbied for it to happen in "Return of the Jedi" but Lucas resisted the idea. Imagine if the sequel trilogy were to kick off with one of the franchise's most beloved characters biting the dust. Suddenly, carbonite wouldn't seem so bad.

It's likely that Lucasfilm will confirm this news soon, and since Disney CEO Bob Iger is sticking to the 2015 release date for "Episode VII," expect some more casting confirmation soon.

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