'Godzilla' Reboot Finally Goes into Production

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Good news, Godzilla fans: after several years of pre-production and development, Legendary Pictures has officially started shooting its franchise reboot, and director Gareth Edwards has provided visual confirmation.

Production officially began early last week, as reports indicated that the crew had arrived in Vancouver; about a day later, Edwards released a video greeting from the set. Before long, a handful of pictures began to surface and revealed that the set is currently knee-deep in military vehicles and weaponry.

Some more recent photos have also given us a glimpse of star Aaron Taylor-Johnson in military digs while shooting some scenes that also involve a giant warhead. One thing fans haven't gotten a look at is Godzilla himself, whose appearance has been kept under wraps outside of his brief appearance during the film's announcement at last year's Comic-Con.

That the film is finally in production represents a major victor for Godzilla fans. Legendary first announced its intentions to reboot the franchise about five years ago, and the project underwent several starts and stops along the way. Edwards has been attached for about two years as the film's director, but Legendary and Warner Brothers continued to fine tune things all the way up to the film's start date.

In fact, Frank Darabont was only recently brought aboard to provide a polish on the film's screenplay, as he took a pass at a script that was originally written by Max Bornstein and David Callaham. The production also encountered some drama earlier this year when producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee exited the project in an acrimonious split with Legendary, who reportedly bought out their contracts.

While both sides are still engaged in a legal battle, that won't stop Godzilla from stomping back to theaters now that the film is finally underway. When it debuts in theaters next May, it will have been a decade since Godzilla has been seen in any form, as Toho hasn't produced a Godzilla film since 2004's "Final Wars."

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