'Flash Gordon': Now I'm Talking About Talking About Timothy Dalton!

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Those who think that Sean Connery or Roger Moore are worthier claimants to the title of the second best James Bond behind Daniel Craig are obviously not aware of one of the best comedic performances in James Bond actor history.

Sean Connery's performances late in his career are indeed funny, but only because he somehow managed to deepen his Scottish brogue despite spending less and less time among those who spoke the same. Connery is a joke plain and simple. Those who think he's the best James Bond typically-thought not always-tend to do so because they are like so many of their peers: rote repeaters of misinformation they have swallowed like the pabulum served to their grandparents when they were kids decades ago.

Get yourself whatever copy you need to of "Flash Gordon." The 1980s version with the forgettable white-haired bulk of brawn as Flash, I mean. Three reasons exist to watch "Flash Gordon" if you don't count the fact that Max Von Sydow is already a reason to watch any movie.

Now I'm talking about talking about Timothy Dalton. Now I'm talking about talking about the performance that earned him his shot as James Bond. In my opinion. A shot undermined by lackadaisical writing and a certain feeling among the Broccoli Bunch that perhaps the time for Bond had passed. Two movies that proved Dalton could act rings around Connery.

Such a thing is not exactly described utilizing the term "Herculean" effort.

Go. Go now. Pick up a copy of "Flash Gordon." Wait for it. Wait for it. There it is!

Prince Barin. There is your comedic version of James Bond. Even the comedic intrusion into the Bond canon of all those variations on a Bond in the original "Casino Royale" cannot compete. If you want to see for real what James Bond is like with a sense of humor-a real sense of humor, not the desperately sophomoric comedy styling of Mr. Roger Moore-then do yourself a solid and do grab that copy of "Flash Gordon" and soon you'll be talking about talking about how you messed up big time thinking Connery or Moore could compare to Dalton.

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