The First 'Star Wars' Spin-Off Film Could Feature Yoda

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In the wake of J.J. Abrams's hiring, the dust has started to settle a bit on "Star Wars: Episode VII," which is set to enter production in earnest in the coming months. Now, attention turns to the various rumored spin-offs that Disney and Lucasfilm will develop, and word comes that the first film of this sort will center on a familiar character: Yoda.

According to Harry Knowles over at AICN, the studios plan to focus on established characters in these standalone films and that Yoda will indeed be the subject of the first one. Details are understandably scarce since Lucasfilm is focusing its attention on Episode VII, so it's unknown if this will shed more light on the character's younger days or his downtime while exiled in Dagobah.

Knowles also reports that George Lucas himself is also pitching a Jabba the Hutt standalone film, but that wouldn't happen until after the Yoda film (if it happens at all).

This news comes on the heels of reports that insist that Zack Snyder is also developing a "Seven Samurai" riff set in the Star Wars universe. While Snyder's reps quickly denied that story, Vulture stood by its sources.

Furthermore, Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg could also be working on yet another film. Officially, Lucasfilm has dubbed them consultants on Episode VII, but reports have also indicated that the duo might also be working on another film entirely.

With a universe as rich as this, the possibilities for these spin-off films are rather limitless, so don't be surprised to hear several rumors during the coming months. A Yoda film makes a lot of business and commercial sense due to the character's popularity, and this could also be a hint that Lucasfilm won't shy away from having major characters carry their own film.

With that in mind, is there any doubt that the studio will attempt to cook up a Darth Vader film at some point in the future?

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