Fictional Movies Referenced on TV Shows that Would Make Interesting Big Screen Comedies

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Did you know that the fictional TV show about a crime-fighting Catholic monsignor in Mexico regularly featured during episodes of the real-life animated sitcom "King of the Hill" was turned into a live action pilot? The idea of taking fictional movies that are referenced during television programming and turning them into actual big screen comedy films is one that has merit in a sad reality where movies like "Your Highness" or anything starring Pauly Shore were actually financed, filmed and released.

My Baby is an Ugly Man

This is the name of fictional comedy starring Rainer Wolfcastle and Rob Schneider that was mentioned on an episode of "The Simpsons." This is a fictional movie that could actually be made into a real film that is almost identical to the fake since Wolfcastle is really just Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ah-Nold's absence from movie screens due to his term as California's governor combined with his very public personal scandals have made him ripe for starring in a movie with the ridiculous premise of a grown man being another grown man's baby. And, of course, Rob Schneider is available for movies like "My Baby is an Ugly Man" at all times. And if you think that such a premise is simply too ridiculous for Hollywood studios to ever commit to, I have just two words for you: "White Chicks."

Abe Lincoln: Pet Detective

You know, America's 16th President has been popping up in more movies in the 21st century than in the 19th and 20th centuries combined. Abe has done work as hunter of both vampires and zombies, as a prisoner of the Confederate States of America and even as a lawyer with the abs of Matthew McConaughey, or I understand. Why not as a great emancipator of pets who became victims of criminal misdeeds? You know, Jim Carrey hasn't had a big hit in some time and he may just be willing to revisit the hit comedy that made him a movie star. The fictional film reviewed by Jon Lovitz's character on "The Critic" is a movie within a TV show whose time to become a movie based on a movie within a TV show has arrive. If not now for "Abe Lincoln: Pet Detective" then when?

Global Warming or None Like It Hot!

"Futurama" presented this brilliantly titled fictional film as one of those educational movies like they used to show in classrooms during the 60s and 70s or that regularly got skewered on MST3K during its Comedy Central years. The title screams out for a comedic treatment with mockumentary being just one possibility. The great thing about this fictional movie title is that it could become satirical propaganda for either side on the inexplicable war over the issue of global warming. I wrote this article on October day in which the temperature hit 90 degrees. You're gonna need more than scientific articles carefully doctored by "experts" who get their paychecks from Big Business to convince me the world isn't heating up.

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