Even the Mayans Couldn't Have Predicted the Weird Movie Coincidence that Took Place on October 12, 2012

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It is common enough, thanks to the lack of originality in Hollywood, for two movies about the same subject to open at roughly the same time. Thanks to the way that the business operates, you can even occasionally experience a week like the one near the end of 2011 when two movies directed by Steven Spielberg opened seven days apart from each other. There have even been rare occasions when two movies starring the same big leading actor opens on the same weekend.

But who would ever have predicted what took place on October 12, 2012? On that one single day, two movies went boom.

By which I mean October 12, 2012 saw the release of not one, but two comedy films with the word "boom" in the title. Seriously, what are the odds of that? Two movies with the word "big" in the title? Oh yeah, definitely. Two movies with the same color in the title. Hardly a big deal.

But boom?

You might even be able to predict that two movies with the word "boom" in the title might be released on the same day if they covered different genres. Boom could easily be used in both a comedy and a disaster movie. Or you might even find a thriller about a character named boom. Boom could fit into the titles of a documentary on economics or a drama about Wall Street.

But no. The year 2012 will be remembered for whether or not earthlings survived dire predictions by those who claim to be experts on the ancient Mayan civilization. It will also be remembered as the year that a Presidential candidate actually took the lead in some polls just a few weeks after writing off half the country as whining losers. The year 2012 will, if we survive the Mayan prophecy, be recalled with fondness by many as being the year that more money was spent sending a robot to Mars than is spent funding public television.

Aside from that, nothing much important took place in 2012. Except for that crazy day in October when a comedy titled "Here Comes the Boom" opened on the same day as a comedy titled "3, 2, 1…Frankie Go Boom."

So, now you know where the boom came from and where it went as well. What more do you want from a mid-October Friday?

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