Etan Cohen to Write 'Ghostbusters 3'

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Last week, Dan Aykroyd mentioned that the much beleaguered "Ghostbusters 3" has a new set of writers attached. As it turns out, it's just one writer, and it's Etan Cohen who has been tapped by Sony to finally get this project to a green light.

Cohen replaces "The Office" scribes Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, whose script apparently never won over Bill Murray. It's unknown if Cohen is polishing the previous script or starting from scratch. He's no stranger to working on difficult scripts for Sony, as he was one of a few screenwriters that worked on "Men in Black 3."

His other work is solid, as he's collaborated with Mike Judge in the past for "Beavis and Butthead," "King of the Hill," and "Idiocracy." In 2008, he broke through with "Tropic Thunder," though that too was a collaborative effort.

Of course, there's a good chance that Cohen's script may never even approach a green light. As anyone who has even been halfway following this film's tour through production hell, nothing matters until Bill Murray's name is on a dotted line somewhere. The actor would have to agree to either appear in the film or sign off on it even if he doesn't participate since he's one of the franchise rights owners.

He's famously been the snag all this time--if it were up to Aykroyd, "Ghostbusters 3" probably would have happened a decade ago. Murray has seemed more interested in finally donning the proton pack again in recent weeks, but it's difficult to tell just how serious he was. I like to think Murray amuses himself with this project at this point.

Perhaps everyone involved is trying to get one over on Murray by having him believe Cohen is actually Ethan Coen (of Coen Brothers fame). After all, Murray claims he only signed on for "Garfield" because he believed Joel Coen was directing the film (instead, it was Joel Cohen).

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