Ericson Core to Remake 'Point Break'

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The next film that finds itself up on the Hollywood chopping block is "Point Break," as Alcon Entertainment has hired Ericson Core to update Kathryn Bigelow's adrenaline-fuelled cult classic.

Released in 1991, "Point Break" starred Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, a former college football star turned federal agent (or an "F...B...I agent" as he so eloquently puts it). One of his first assignments finds him investigating a string of bank robberies and infiltrating a local surfing ring headed up by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze). It's the start of a beautiful bromance that's since become legendary.

Thus far, there's no word on who will fill Reeves and Swayze's huge shoes in the remake, but it looks like they'll be ditching surfboards since the revamp will be set "in the world of international extreme sports." Unless one of those sports includes surfing, then the title will be pretty nonsensical (thus proving that Hollywood values recognizable names more than sense itself).

Core, whose resume includes several cinematographer gigs, will be directing his first theatrical feature film since "Invincible," his debut effort starring Mark Wahlberg. The good news here is that Core already has experience remaking "Point Break" since he shot the original "The Fast and the Furious," which was practically the same film with the surfboards switched out for cars.

Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove will produce the film alongside Michael De Luca, John Baldecchi, Chris Taylor and Kurt Wimmer, who also wrote the film's script. The producers expect to start shooting at year's end, and they will release the film through a deal with Warner Brothers.

The remake comes after years of speculation regarding a sequel; at one point, original screenwriter Peter Iliff announced its title as "Point Break: Indo," and Jan de Bont was on board to direct. However, Swayze's demise all but killed the project, thus leaving the door open for this inevitable remake.

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